Diagnosed with Dangerous Heart Arrythmia - Experiences with Beta Blockers?

Hi all,

I’ve had PFS over a year now, and ever since last december I’ve been suffering from tons of PVCs (premature ventricular contractions, aka heart palpitations) and have even been diagnosed with NSVT now (Non-sustained ventricular tachycardia), a pretty dangerous arrythmia. I have around a thousand PVCs a day, and it’s really diminishing my quality of life. My cardiologist is pushing hard for me to take a beta blocker (metoprolol 12.5mg) as she thinks I’m in a dangerous position with the NSVT and that it won’t have serious side effects. I’ve been agonizing over the decision over the last month – I don’t want to crash myself by taking a beta blocker, but also don’t want my arrythmia to worsen to a truly dangerous place. I’m looking for people to share their experiences with beta blockers while having PFS – did it crash you? make your symptoms worse? any new noticeable side effects? I did already make a post on reddit a few weeks ago, so if you already answered that, thanks and no need to answer again. cheers

Always worth searching, if you haven’t already. It’s a way to find people who aren’t currently active on the forum talking about a subject.


I mean something this serious with heart conditions I would follow Doctors advice , take the beta blocker …. Especially when you have a full diagnosis and the condition is apparent .

I’m not too up on beta blockers but don’t they bassically stop the effects of adrenaline being carried out to the cardiac region (increased heart rate, increased blood pressure)
Shouldn’t be anything that affects hormones or endocrine system ??

thanks, yeah, it is serious, so i’m really on the verge of taking it. i probably should do it. i just don’t wanna get a full on crash again.

the worry is that adrenaline of course is a hormone, and while it’s separate from the whole androgen thing, i’m sure my whole endocrine system is out of wack…

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thanks. yeah i did search around and it seems like mixed reviews. having this condition is tough. i have no idea how to make a decision like this, and my doctor can’t help either cuz she knows nothing about pfs.