DHT Insane! WTF?


I have the DHT (Dihydrosterone) test is highest, Insane! WTF? :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:
Does anyone have a logical explanation? Testosterone Free-Total is normal…


Yes, that is no surprise. My testosterone is also high, doubling since before I suffered the physical effects you describe. Please see @borax’s post on the current science of PFS, and the syndrome page on the website, which notes significant overexpression of the androgen receptor in PFS patients. The emerging science on a “Goldilocks zone” property of androgen action indicates an aberrant and even toxic response to ligand in such circumstances, and I believe this is a possible causative factor as to why we are seeing severely affected cases suffering deleterious effects in tissues highly expressing the AR such as the male reproductive system and the CNS, with intolerance to exogenous androgen supplementation in some cases even when clinically hypogonadal. Both professors Traish and Khera have noted local AR levels as a potential driver for the pathology in their PFS literature reviews of the past months. I am currently writing something substantial on this and will hopefully share it soon.


A number of years ago had a similar blood result - T levels off the scale. This is despite ED, low libido, prescription for Viagra, all the usual PFS symptoms. From taking Accutane, another 5AR inhibitor.


What about your estrogen?


I wonder why the dht level increased.
Most ppl, not all, have over expressed AR. But what leads to increase of androgens if AR are overexpressed. Should not normally the opposite occur?
My guess is that those AR are shut down. If not we would have an overstimulation of the AR as one guy experienced here. He got hypersexual.

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High DHT Levels

@pps Like me High DHT Levels


if ar genes are hypermethylated than there is no cure
if there exists a methylating agent,mb yes,but i think there isnt

ofc u can wait for new invetions always and hope u will get better in future

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Haven’t some people had luck using anti-androgen hormones in order increase androgen receptor activity, presumably to take advantage of limited androgens?

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Not even Melcangi has been able to explain why I present the DHT so extreme.
Probably does not convert into 3adiolG. Or who knows for what other reason…


Or 5a blocker you mean?

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@gents93 your DHT is hight?


Why do you ask me this

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To know if with the PAS, it is high.


my DHT is normal, mid range. as well as my T level

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