DHT eyes/genitals/appocrine sweat glands?!


I know some of you think DHT isnt that cause for our problems because when you increase it you still have the problems. But did we all not have at one point in time LOW DHT or HIGH DHT. Im guessing this atrophied the prostate.

Also I think DHT exists in not only the genitals but the eyes, and the apocrine sweat glands (genitals/armpits) I can not sweat from my armpits anymore. They are dry and have a very strange smell. My eyes are also very dry and irritated. DHT came back at 220 (300-850) For me it was caused by calorie restriction for 6 months or from a topical steroid (antifungal cream)


what was the fungal cream?


i have been messaging my doc from Canada, since I moved to Europe… He was responding to every message literraly every day. When I mentioned to him that my symptoms are consistent with those who have taken Finasteride/Accutane/Propecia, he hasn’t responded ever since. I have tried getting a hold of the pharmacy to get a name of the antifungal cream. Funny thing is that I have had the fungal rash on my inner thighs/ buttocks since I was 10. Ever since these symptoms started I haven’t had the rash!!! I think it was hydrocortisone cream but Im not sure!


It could be conazole. My symptoms got much worse (penis pain, shrinkage) 5 years ago, and I was using conazole shampoo at the time, which probably was the cause.


fuck sakes, when I go to search Ketoconazole cream its the exact same package that mine came in. White and yellow tube. When I search hydrocortisone cream it also comes in yellow white package so I can’t remember the name. Going to try and get a hold of the pharmacy again.


This is interesting. I used ketoconazone for a long time and never got pfs from it. Took fin for 2 days and here I am.


I also used the antifunal cream from around 2006-2016 without any symptoms until around june 2016. I have this ache on my right side. Right testicle/ vas deferens its a dull ache, as if someone is punching me there causing me to leak urine and have numb genitals. Also when I try to think of something sexual I get like a twitch and thats it. Its as if the brain signal is not making its way to the genitals.

I have a brain mri scheduled next week that I have been waiting for for 9 months. Urologist just prescribed me seomthing that contains SAW PALMETTO in it called PROSTAMOL. Im very cautious of taking it. Also have an endocrinologist appointment as well as neurosurgeon appt…

its like my right testicle is sick/cold and is frozen out of functioning, and my penises only function is to drip urine like a fucking runny nose


You can’t take anything with Saw Palmetto in it.

Your symptoms could get worse if you do. At the very least, search and read what Saw Palmetto did to some people here.


yes, I have done my research and will be staying away for it! Its like the brain message cant make its way all the way down to the penis. I get a small twitch and thats it. Scrotum is high and tight and genitals are numb. I ooze out 2-3 drops of ejaculate with no feeling and thats it…


When my testicles were high, I did pelvic floor exercises. I just followed a routine on YouTube. That helped me.

I have read on here people saying that pelvic floor tension is a big part of the problem and that it might compress both nerves and blood supply causing difficulties. I don’t know if that is too simplistic but I’d try doing some stretches for half an hour a night before bed every day and see if it does anything for you after a week, maybe. I felt the benefit and did it for over a month.

If you don’t have the ejaculate to give, it might be best to try to not ejaculate for a while, try to not stress your body.


My friend, did you do magnetic resonance and visit endocrinology?
Are there any news? I have a visit Monday.


Interesting that you mention apocrine glands. When I quit Saw Palmetto about a year ago, literally the next day my underarm odor disappeared completely, even after a hard workouts, I can wear tshirt for a week and it will not smell. Also, since quitting SP my beard growth slowed down drastically.


I actually get the feeling that my testicles are not working! They literally feel hard and like they are not alive. Scrotum no longer sweat either and feels numb or like rubber. The sweat glands are no longer active in that area as well as the armpits. Monday is my brain MRI so I will let you all know how that goes…


well I was 21 when this happened and never though about any of this. I ate chocolate, I ate chicken , I ate whatever and had no problems…