Has anyone tried dhea?
When I went to get acupuncture done last week, my doctor was saying he recommended dhea, because it helps increase testosterone when the body knows its levels are low…or something to that effect.

So has anyone given this a shot? and if so what was your dosage?


50 mg a day for me. No major changes, but I’m still taking it to increase T and E levels. (DHEA can convert into both, but isn’t a part of the T/E negative feedback loop).


You need to know if your levels are low…if its high you should not take it at ALL…at first my doctor asked me to start taking it…however when we got my first result back in february, it was simply thru the roof…and now funny enough month by month…its getting lower and lower…but still a little above the normal.
The reason ?? The body now is starting to use dhea the right way, and maybe thats why I feel so much better.


I just got test results back that shows that I’m indeed above the range in DHEA. I’ll give it a rest for now.


I will repeat the exact question here.