Despues de meses del ultimo uso con finasteride


Hi guys, I write this after months without writing anything. In these last months I was generally “good” or almost normal, I was not at% 100. I have erections in intimate moments with my girlfriend, when we have sex or when we kiss, I also stimulate them with porn. Sometimes those erections are weak or not so sensitive, sometimes they are very good. What if it is remarkable sometimes that I have pain in the penis at some times of the day, sometimes mild and other times more remarkable, will this have to do with possibly having peyronie? I have a slight curvature of the penis, and I feel that it was shortened 1 cm or 1.5 cm. I have almost no nocturnal erections but I do have sex, and I have mild morning erections almost every day when I get up. What do you think you should do? I was not doing any diet or taking any supplement.
Do you think you have fibrosis or atrophy in the penis? I fear that this is irreversible. I would appreciate it very much! Thank you