Describe your poops (stools)

I’ve noticed that my stools are way different then they were back in the day.

I used to be constipated a lot and passed large, often bumpy, and somewhat hard stools. I could hear the weight of these glorious turds when they were released from the death grip of my anal sphincter and plopped in the toilet water. They would often pop a hemorrhoid as well.

Now, my stools are always extremely soft and wet and have a much lighter color. They also smell like death.

I saw a gastroenterologist the other day and I’m going to do a stool test and start VSL 3 probiotics for a month. I’m also planning on consuming bone broth, kimchi, and yogurt to try to revive my tummy.

Was just wondering how everyone’s stools have changed from before this mess to now?


described my fecal life


Nothing has changed on my end. Only until recently the smell has 100% changed is much worse than before. BUT, I have changed my diet.

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What diet changes have you made?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I have some symptom improvements if I fix my diet / gut, mostly in terms of energy, mood, and cognition.

added a lot more fat and a lot more iron. i think that’s definitely contributing

my bowel movement is thinner and kind of orange since pfs

Wow, 100% aligned with my experience as well. Haven’t had a very good poop that was solid and hard since taking FIN, unless I’m like seriously dehydrated or something. Usually just runny and lighter in color, always loose and never stuck together. I did move to a Paleo diet since getting PFS, but have been on and off intermittently and always have a runny stool regardless.

Feels like this should be a symptom that’s reported along with all the other common PFS symptoms. Makes you really think that this issue could all be gut related. I recently tried the Potato Hack (eat nothing but potatoes for 3 days) to increase resistant starch and increase good bacteria while killing off bad. It’s an attempt at reseting my gut before I head into a Tribulus cycle detailed by @Apr1989 , haven’t noticed a huge different in stool though, but will report back if I see anything significant.

Anyone have any idea of what’s going on here? Plenty have reported that fixing the gut was THE path to their cure. Plenty have stated that first you have to fix your gut, THEN start doing some protocols.

From what I recall, an inhibition of 5a-reductase affects a multitude of affected enzymes (not just T to DHT conversion) of which a lack of some of these enzymes lead to an inability for our gut to manage it’s biome in a helathy manner, allowing for a certain strain of bacteria to flourish and get out hand. This is what could be leading to our unhealthy stool. Then when re-introducing DHT (post-fin) the altered gut biome is not able to fix itself, and the enzymes are not able to combat the bad bacteria which sticks around in your digestive tract. An altered bacterial landscape can have huge effects on the gut-brain axis, leading to our hormonal/PFS symptoms, and can remain persistent until your digestive environment is taken care of.

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mine are normal

Mine is exactly the same! Wow! I thought I was the only one! Mine is always too soft and as you described. Have you noticed any change? Mine has been going on for seven months now (still no change).

Just want to provide an update on this. Last week, my turds had some weight to them, were solid, and plopped and sank into the toilet water. Libido and mood were significantly higher.

This week my libido is low and turds are floating and nasty.

Definitely something to this. Keep noticing this pattern again and again…


Any updates guys?

Since coming off accutane my shits started floating along with a discomfort in the gut and more gut activity I.e more rumbles.

It’s been 4 months since I stopped taking the pills and my shits have not sank once. Clearly a sign of malabsorption. It happened right at the same time as me noticing low libido and ED.

Now I was watching bear grylls the island recently which is a great show. Anyway the lads on there joked about not having a boner in weeks. Which made me think. They are starved, and can go days without a proper meal unless they catch it. So bascially they were being malnourished and the effect it had on them was no libido and ED.

Now in our cases we have access to food. But it seems as if we are having trouble actually absorbing the nutrients from food. Which could then be causing our poor health.

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Any updates?

I also had loose stools for some years a some diarrheas too. I think gut is key for a lot of us.

My stools also have been from different colors, specially green, yellow, brown and almost black.

Now it’s getting better and sometimes is like a snake or banana style.

I hope I will get better if my stools are the correct

I guess if you all really want to go down this rabbit hole, find out what bacteria is missing and then try to supplement it with whatever is missing. The problem with the probiotics industry is this one size fits all approach. For example, how do I know what I buy in the store is a match for what I need repopulated? My gut microbiome is as unique as my fingerprint.

My poop is barely digested and was yellow for the longest time. Had some brown poops recently after taking ivermectin but if I eat bread or carbs it’s back to being shitty

Did you have any problems with ivermectin?