Depression treatments

Hi, My name is Daniel and I’m new here in the Forum.
I took Propecia for 6 years and its been 1 year since I stopped.

My main side effects are depression and suicide thought. Its come in waves, some days I feel really bad and some days it is more tolerable.

Does anyone here find something that helps him with the depression? Anti depressions, drugs like magic mushrooms or Ayawaska? Anything?

Hi Daniel,

Depression is a tough one …

There are options like Inositol , which can be as powerful as SSRI anti depressants but without the side effects. I used it when I had OCD really bad about 10 years ago and thought it was good.

Make sure you are topped up on Vitamin B6 as serotonin is produced with the aid of this vitamin .

If you have to go down the Anti Depressant route I would avoid SSRIs and SSNRIs , instead perhaps investigate Wellbutrin (Bupropion) , Mirtazapine, Amitriptyline might be ok but like anything with these chat to your doctor first and I would avoid pharmaceuticals unless it’s a last resort etc.
Doctors are always gonna try and push the SSRI on you as a first port of call so you may have to be firm!!

Honestly , as someone that’s had depression really bad on and off for years the key thing for me is exercise - preferably cardio as this will release Serotonin after 20 minutes. It’s a game changer.
Also I’m sure you may have already but if you don’t - find a hobby or pastime , something that’s positive and constructive you can get lost in… painting, writing, music, singing, sport, model railways etc this helps.

As someone who has been around a lot of users of pyscadelics…… in my opinion Mushrooms and Ayahuscha have the potential to really open up some problems. you don’t really know how it’s been prepared, it’s hard to measure the dosage , there’s no accurate study on side effects and what it might do to someone who already has depleted neurotransmitters……just think - if you’ve been messed up by a pharmaceutical drug that’s accurately measured to 1mg and prepared in a strict environment …. Think what something might do to you that’s been grown by a drug dealer , who probably hasn’t got your best interests at heart (just money :moneybag:) and who has no accurate idea of dosage. …. Of course I ain’t here to tell you how to live your life , if that’s what you gotta do then that’s what you gotta do but I just want you to feel better and honestly feel this ain’t it :clap:t3:

Hope you feel better!

Hi, thanks for the respond.
I’m already on Wellbutrin and Mirtazapine, don’t think they make much difference, expect the Mirtazapine helps me sleep.

Is there any chance that I’ll get better over time? It’s been a year since I’ve stopped taking Propecia and I don’t feel any improvement in my mood. i have bad days and not so bad days, but it is basically the same as it was a year ago. I don’t. Know how much longer I can live like that…

Does anybody here start feeling better after more than a year?

You can look into kratom and decide if it’s something that interests you. People are often reluctant because it has partial opioid effects. I like it personally though and have no problem with it

I have been having a good response so far to high doses (500-1000mg) of magnesium too, but it’s too early to know if it will sustain.

I’d stay far, far away from SSRIs

What type of mag you taking?