Depression in the morning

Hi all.

I stopped taking finasteride more than 2 months ago and having this crazy depression every morning. I wonder if it will go away. Has anyone experienced the same issur and if it got better with time?

Do you feel like this depression relates to your life beyond your health issues or is it more like a chemical unbalance in your brain? How do you feel? It has a reason?

Only because of the imbalance in the brain. No any other reason. I never had it before PFS

I have had moments of this.

It’s something which you have to accept will pass and is just a chemical problem. Try to remember that it will pass. I’m glad that it seems to be a morning only thing for you (unless I’m misunderstanding), you can remind yourself that it will be gone later in the day.

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It’s especially strong in the first part of the day. I have resorted to smoking, unfortunately. Is there any non prescription stuff I can use to calm the depression down?

Can anyone will tell me please that they got better with time in terms of depression and melancholy. It’s so severe now for me, I simply don’t see if I ever get better. I read lots of post about people following strict diets and popping numerous pills. I simply can’t do it, and I really dont want to take antidepressants.

Has somebody who used finasteride got better with their depression without really changing their diets and lifestyle, and how long did it take for them to feel positive changes? Thanks

Sorry for not replying sooner.

The vast majority of people get better. Even people here. That deep, dark depression that I felt is different to anything I ever feel now. It can get better, and I expect it will.

I’ve done no crazy diets and take no supplements. At the beginning, I think I took a multivitamin, a vitamin E and a vitamin d tablet. None were high dose and I don’t think they did anything for me.

Give it some time.

Thanks, @Greek. How about the brain fog? Does it get better too?

As far as I can tell, the majority people’s symptoms do get better with time.

Nobody can tell you “on day number 200, this symptom gets better and on day number 210 this one gets better”, etc.

In some ways, not knowing how long it will take is the most dispiriting part of this, but we can say for sure that most symptoms get better for most people with time, but that the amount of time isn’t fixed.

I had some brain fog, and know how upsetting it is. I only had it for a short amount of time and haven’t had anything like it since.

Since my experience, I became aware of other people talking about having it, some people get it when having chemotherapy, for instance. That it’s not a permanent thing for those people and people here, should be of comfort, you need not think that your body has changed permanently and that it is very possible for things to improve.

Thank you for encouraging words. I will just have to wait for some improvements

My depression seems to deepen and continues all day now and quite unbearable despite my healthy lifestyle. I just wonder if I need to start antidepressants. I know that majority of people got better, and some of them did take antidepressants. Just wonder if the medication slows down or helps the improvement in mental health?