Depression and suicide ideation - Improvement?

Hi all, I am just wondering whether most of you have improved, or not with suicide ideation. Personally for me the first month was hell but I am glad I survived it and am grateful I’m alive. I was very scared reading about a lot of peoples story and hearing that this condition has led to suicides, almost made me think that
was my fate. I don’t know if I am a mild case mentally, but I feel like reading about peoples suicides can possibly do more damage mentally than the drug even. Wondering what your opinions are?

Honestly, I have accepted to live like this for the rest of my life.
But I still think about it sometimes
I just hope to see the maker of this poison after death

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If life goes downhill we know where Merck headquarters are!


I still have hope this condition can be cured, so my focus is on helping the efforts of the PFS Network so we can make that a reality as soon as possible. If you’d like to assist us, you could consider joining our monthly recurring donation group to support our research efforts. I find these things give me hope and keep me going.


I agree reading about suicides and also the grim prognosis of the AR-silenced is not helpful mentally. This forum is a double-edged sword; it can render one hopeless but also save them from a lot of wasteful and potentially harmful effort. My suicidal ideation has not improved although it is less active then it was in the beginning.


The ‘suicidal thoughts’ symptom has gotten a lot better for me over time. It was really hard to deal with in the first few years, though.


“I agree reading about suicides and also the grim prognosis of the AR-silenced is not helpful mentally.”

But we both had a friend who told something like the naked truth. He never believed in any treatment, protocol or recovery story. He told everyone we are done. The only thing he told was drink a beer, you have no chance. He talked about suicide as only solution.

He is banned now from all forums. No one has contact anymore. But many guys listened to him a long time. And we didn’t follow the philosophy.

Everybody makes his own decisions. There are PFS as a well treatible, temporary problem of will to recover like CDNUTS says and PFS is game over stories. Between the poles everybody finds some help.

He knew before I did that suicide is harder than we think and he told me many times that I couldn’t do it even though I insisted I could. He talked about another solution too but that didn’t work out the way he hoped either.

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@Exsexgod are u referring to BVSP. Has anyone heard from him?

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@bsvc is suspended till the first of July 2022. When I last heard of him he was very encroaching and really stalked me and others online. Than no one heard anything of him.

After all last year, when I was totally down, my pride fucked down by a doctor and evils I didn’t recognized as and I have been fatigued all the day, he helped me through this totally awful time. We even made survival plans.

A funny, handsome guy, a sportsman, a hard worker… Fucked down from some doses of MIRTAZAPIN. Another safe and common drug like TRAZODONE wich kills inocent lives! And pharma lobby know that, but they only piss off to the stolen lives :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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