Demethylation of dna: experiences

Not advocating for it, but how many have tried changing gene expression by dna methylation besides @awor and @AnhedonicApe?

I’m curious to the results, if anyone ever was able to find restoration in some aspects or not. And whether they got worse or not.

Didn’t find anyone describing their experience on that.

WARNING. There are extreme, life threatening risks to using demethylation agents.

I’m curious as to the experiences of @awor and @AnhedonicApe. This is the first I’m hearing of someone trying this approach.

i used vorinostat few years ago but did not help pfs

Thanks! Were there any negative sides?

It’s not a demethylation agent, but butyrate is used as a different kind of epigenetic drug, and some users here have had both good and bad experiences with butyrate supplements.

If you are talking about using agents like Sodium Butyrate, there have been two other members who recently became far, far worse. @Papasmurf was one, and I can’t remember the other.

This is like using a chainsaw to make sashimi.


Some members reported positive effects from a calcium/magnesium butyrate supplement.

But I think you have it backwards when you say it is like using a chainsaw to make sashimi. Butyrate supplements have a number of health benefits, at least in non-PFS people. Short chain fatty acids including butyrate are made by gut bacteria naturally. It can change the epigenome because it is a histone deacetylase inhibitor.

De-methylation drugs on the other hand are basically chemotherapy, often used to treat cancer. They come with all kinds of nasty side effects like, for example, wrecking the immune system.

Butyrate just recently made a member much worse unfortunately

It can change the wrong epigenome depending on the person apparently


From Butyrate and ALL methylation/demethylation

I am not fucking kidding . Its not a joke.

You don’t want to know how bad this can get.

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Anhedonicape killed himself

I am that member

I’m not playing here. Touching that shit when you have PAS or PFS can blow your body and mind apart past how bad you think it is you have no idea. so pls everyone wanting to try do your self a favor and don’t okay?