Demethylation/HDCA Inhibitors

Hello pssd sufferer here
My question is:

-Has anyone on this forum(appart from user IMMO) used a demethylation agent(decitibine,azacitidine)(awor’s 40 sec half-life drug doesn’t count) to reverse pfs epigenetic changes?

-Has anyone ever used high doses pharma HDCA I(Valproate 2000-4000mg daily) for the same reason?

As a pssd sufferer i have concluded that pfs,pssd,accutane etc… are the same.
How did i conclude this?
We all don’t respond to alcohol,benzo,opiates etc…
We have epigenetic changes
The serotonin,5-ar and idk what else theory are in vain.
The question is can the above mentioned drugs help to reverse these epigenetic changes…

Every thought and experience is welcome


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We already know all these drugs cause changes in gene expression…Accutane itself works by altering DNA transcription…Finasteride has now been proven to cause brain alterations in some as well…

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Which study shows brain alterations? You’re talking about something more than neuro-inflammation right?

did u read what i posted?
i asked for those who tried
none of u here tried them?

Please stay on topic.

I have not but am curious as well. I would like to hear about any study that shows brain changes from Finasteride use.

Search Hydralazine…

have you tried it @Demon?? i started yesterday

waiting for the valproate to arrive, this combo @zadig777 cited has been suggested on studies in place of decitabine/azacitydine to treat tumors, some of which are caused by AR silencing too…

i paid $2 for a box of hydralazine but the valproate is prescription here

Demethylation treatment restores erectile function in a rat model of hyperhomocysteinemia