delayed ED from Finasteride 6 years after stopping?

I stopped taking Finasteride 6 years ago after being on the drug on and off for 3 years - suffered from mental side effects - didn’t suffer any sexual side effects at the time. However when I stopped taking the drug suddenly i do remember a day or two of genital numbness and a drop of libido but I soon returned to normal sex drive.

The mental side effects also went away and I had no problems mentally or sexually for the past 6 years. However about 3 months ago I did get a week of Erectile disfunction and lack of feeling in my genitals - This again passed and went back to normal again. However I am now experiencing a second bout of this erectile dysfunction and it has now lasted 3 weeks. I am now having to go on Viagra to have sex with my girlfriend and I am worried this is now permanent and a result of the finasteride I took 6 years ago.

Has anyone had a simmilar experience or heard of this delayed effect from Finasteride at all?

How are you doing now?

It is very unlikely that your problem is from the finasteride considering you have been doing fine for 6 years.

Have you considered anything else that may have contributed to your condition? Remember that stress and anxiety can play a huge game when it comes to ED.

Try to describe your problem more in detail. Is it just when you have sex you experience ED?

Quite the same experience I had. ED 10 years after quitting finasteride. Guess the changes in the Corpora Cavernosa are the reason behind it. Being 38 I have the dick of an 80 year old.