Definite improvements


Hey guys i just wanted to say tthank you for all your advice, im not cured but ive most definitley found improvement. main things i would say definitley helped me was the incorporation of HIIT cardio (i only did weights before, glycine before bed (reversed emotional numbness) and a high protein, low sugar/carb diet with no fairy/gluten. i know these treatments have been posted on here before but i just wanna confirm that glycine and low carb diet esp has helped a ton. for reference i went from extreme brainfog/ emotional numbness/ extreme depersonalization: derealization to almost normal. i never really had erection problems but my libido was lower


Libido improve as well?


Wow. Thats great nnews. Keep it up and give it more time. Perhaps you’ll be all better

Kindly let me know how long it took before improvement?


my improvement has been slow for the past 2 years but it really sped up once the glycine/cardio/diet was introduced.

ill say a year after my PFS recovery was slow and then the second year a bit faster but the past 2-3 months where i started incoporating glycine/cardio/diet it has really sped up. 2 years ago i was almost flatline emotionally numbed. had no emotional connection with my mother or family or anything. i would spend my days staring at my ceiling cause lights were too bright. when i would get ready for work i would get my things and i would grab my wallet and then id be blank and id be like ??? then 10 seconds later id be like oh my phone etc. alot more sides and i just rantes but it was such a bad time guys i wish everyone gets out of this. right now i feel anger, happiness, sadness, empathy, everything and it makes life great. emotions are the spice of life and if youre emotionally numbed please try glycine. sorry for the rant

but tl;dr it was slow for the first two years and the last 2-3 months have been great and much faster


I cant really say since my pfs is mostly mental but my libido is probably a little bit better right after a cardio session. But i can say that when my PFS was the worst i would look at womans asses or bodies and it would not be stimulating at all. now it gets me going


I’d love to hear more about what specific HIIT cardio, and for how long. I was on finasteride for a week or two, and have been suffering now for over a decade. Before I knew what it was, I was in much better shape, doing Bikram Yoga, eating healthy and about 30lbs lighter. Sure, I still had a substantially reduced libido, and very weak down there, but felt better emotionally.

Please share the type of classes, intensity and duration, and I’ll get started again.


I dont really do classes but i just make sure to do my cardio in intervals either on the treadmill or on the bike. i hop on the tread and warm up and depending on how fit you are you crank it up to sprinting speed for x amount of time depending on how fit you are and how you are progressing and then you drop it to moderate pace and repeat. it makes me feel really good and relaxed afterward, i also feel very assertive afterwards too


and you gotta get out of your comfort zone in those intervals. really push it, it makes you feel amazing. if you are new to this dont go insane on your first try too be smart about it and dont kill yourself when you are just starting. a very popular neuroscientists (dr rhonda patrick) really really pushes this kindof training and its where i got the idea from


also does anyone know how long you can use glycine for? ive gone through 1 bottle 1g every night. from my research it looks very safe but im not certain


Thanks for the advice. I’ve heard from others not the work out too hard, else you’ll “crash”. I’ll have to go back to it and see how I respond.