Debilitating brain fog? Lack of good sleep? Opinion


Hey guys, just want to ask a question. I feel as if I’m in a crash currently. I feel like I’m very sleep deprived at all times which is making me brain foggy and hard to work. Oddly my penis is feeling good and I’m feeling some what horny lately. does anyone have opinions on how to get over this exhaustion and brain fog? How do you guys explain your brain fog feeling ?


Brain fog is the result of the brain working extra hard integrating inauspicious information (about your future) into your mental models and updating them. This is hard work and it needs to be done. It takes a lot of time too. You need to give it space and time. Take long walks, alone, preferably more than an hour, without music or any distractions. Let yourself think, ruminate and suffer. This is going to make your brain fog worse while you are doing it, but the fog will subside after you are done with the walk. This is a very bitter medicine to swallow but such are all medicines that actually work. I may try to write a longer version of this theory another time, although I know I won’t…


I wouldn’t mind a longer explanation, sounds interesting. I’m assuming you’ve experienced this ?


Yes, I have. This is a contentious topic and many will disagree. My belief is that brain fog is a cognitive phenomenon (as opposed to a neurological one) and the result of (or equivalent to) extreme depression.


Also, because brain fog is the result of the brain working extra hard, it will also be alleviated by naps - if you can sleep at all. Alternatively, you can do mindfulness mediation with the goal of shutting off all thoughts. These would be the breaks between the working sets, and the working sets are the walks/rumination sessions.


I’m hoping the sage allo medication helps with a lot of this


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You had these symptoms before pfs


Who is this meant for ?


I’m not trying to start an argument but I take plenty of long walks with my dog and naps and it doesn’t alleviate any of my brain fog or fatigue. I will admit that I notice when I’m taking long walks that my brain fog feels worse though.


What’s your fog like?


I’m not sure how to describe it, i definitely have a hard time speaking and finding words. I feel a pressure in my head and my vision feels somewhat distorted. On top of this it’s hard to concentrate or do any critical thinking and my anxiety gets a lot worse when I have these episodes. This isn’t an all day thing for me though. I have periods throughout the day (usually early morning and at night) where I feel somewhat normal.

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Yeah this is how I’d explain it as well, hopefully the allo med helps