DeadLift testo. How much do you lift?


I´ve been off propecia since out/2008. I recovered from sleep problems, brain fog, and testosterone loss a long time ago. One of my recomendation for testosterone boost is deadlift. And squat.

I´ve just start to powerlifting a few months ago, and now I able to deadlift 450Lb on 185 lb bodyweight(beltless) easy. I have skinny legs. I´m a 40 years old noob on powerlifting. 2.4 times my bodyweight for a beginner means : High Testosterone. This means that i will reach 500lb and 600lb. The first year we have more gain.

Lift 3.2 times the bodyweight means High testosterone.

How much do you lift?

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How are your sexual symptoms numbness ED and libido


My libido is better and better, but not recovered yet. ED is OK.

numbness orgasm is the major problem . Sometimes I´ve got some recovery and sometimes got worse again.

I´m feeling great, very happy over all . Sleep disorder and brain fog was the worse problem for me. I´m feeling my life back again. Life is great! I wish everybody here be patient for recovery.

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Did you lost morning wood, is it back , how much time it took for morning wood to came back.
did you lose feeling of touch on your penis and scrotum ? how is that now
can you tell what were the things that helped you?


how did you fix joint weakness? did you suffer demineralization or just muscle atrophy?



8 years for morning wood to came back. Yes I lost feeling at my penis, skin was very dry. It´s recovery now. I have the most muscle ever in my life now. But strong muscle it´s not recovery for many other symtons.

I thing I get it.

For me the key to recovery it is - “Rest the digestion system and pretend you are a baby again with no tooth”. How I did:

  • Don´t use drugs. (testosterone pills, …)
  • few days on water fasting.
  • Do not eat hard foods.
  • Only eat easy foods, like baby food. Just like a baby. Very lower proteins, almost nothing. Smash potatos, rice. for a few months. NO meat, chiken or fish. NO fibers. Carbs and easy digestion.
  • Drinking soda at all meals, do not drink water with meals, just at empty stomach. The lower PH the better, Break the food at stomach to not allow the food pass throw the small intestin. Remember, digestion start in the mouth, so chew the food.
  • Fast as long as you can every day. 16 to 24 hours a day. Eat less. 4 hours window. This helps resting digestion.
  • Only start to eat more proteins after your sleep recovery. Start slow, introduce more foods, like cooked breast chicken.
  • After sleep recovery, then start powerlliting.
  • Keep chicken for a few months, may be the glutamin help the intestin to recovery.
  • start a multivitamin A to Zinc every 4 days.

There is only one way to recovery, rest your digestion system. Remember, no pepper, or hard stuffs, alcohool, caffein

I hope you recovery soon. Cheers.

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You might have misspelled that but my pfs is making me crave soda after meals and eating healthy is getting me nowhere so I might as well try the Warren Buffet diet. I know it’s not good for the stomach lining, it’s full of sugar and sometimes caffeine, and can weaken bones, but it is sometimes good for feeling good or feeling normal or fixing stomach aches.

So you’re going for acidic with the soda and water?


Yes, the acidic is to help break the food and help digestion only, nothing more. zero Coke has lower pH and no sugar. I´ve been drinking with the meals. I don´t drink water with meals, only at empty stomach.

I´m moving to 495 lb deadlift now. Stronger that ever.

I´ve heard that heavy deadlift and squats can trigger neuro stedoids. How Knows? May be that help me. But I think it is the easy digestion foods, the water fasting and Lowering ph at meals.


But how did you solve joint problems? And soda or carbonated drinks increase bone frailty!

Dead lift and squats are you kidding me when your legs are about to give out :laughing: viewtopic.php?p=13073


so it took 8 years for your morning wood to came back right?
did it come back gradually or suddenly?
i also have very dry skin at penis, how much time it took for recovery on dry skin, is there any thing that you did for this side effect.
do you get morning every day now?
did your feeling of penis recovered completely,

my testosterone are at 1128 ng/dl (very high)
but i still have all the symptoms
ED, numbnes , dry wrinkled skin at penis


Did you try taking chromium and arginine?


not, i did not take chromium. Arginine only once, but only a few pills.


Hey there BackfromHell!

My deadlift got up to around 230kg x 1, my best squat was 150kg x 10 reps, bench was a bit more paltry at 130kg.

I’ve dropped down a bit now (totally due to my own laziness) Current numbers are 180 DL max, 150-160kg squat and 125kg bench. I’ve lost quite a lot of weight though and i’m just enjoying the gym working on mobility etc. My form was wasn’t brilliant on squat and deadlift and after a minor back tweak i realized i should tone it down.

Hows your recovery?

Brain fog is totally gone, anxiety is very mild 1/10. My cognition and memory are a lot better now.

I have some lingering depression and flagging libido still, but i’m positive and i’m doing ok. Still working on allowing myself to be happy and hoping that will lift my libido a bit.


I did stronglift 5x5 last week as well as HIIT one day and had weak but present morning wood 4 days when it never ever happens usually. I also felt like taking an afternoon nap for the first time in months and woke from the nap with wood and some libido. This need to “nap and fap” was a usual thing back in the day

Last three days have not lifted and no morning wood, ED, zero libido, and horrible depression.


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