Dead/loose skin, 1 dose

Hi guys, I’m one of the one dosers. Out of all my side effects, many has diminished/subsided… Apart from this one fucking change, my skin, and memory, but this topic will be about skin… All over my fucking body, and genitals, my skin has loosened and seems wrinkly/dead. Now, if i had to, I’d live with it, but it’s always going to be a reminder of this fucking disastrous piece of shit drug. I don’t want to be reminded of my first weeks…

I suspect having a mild pelvic floor dysfunction due to hard flaccid for maybe a minute after having erections, and the SKIN looks fucking horrendous? I can’t believe it, especially my testies and penis during flaccid state, it looks normal erect though, does anyone have this issue and has somewhat resolved a bit?

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Hi man,
@Dknighten got the same issues like you.

Yeaa, i know. We’ve spoken about it, i don’t know about his genitals though :[

Holy shit you have the same issue as me. I took 1 dose 4 months ago at 17 and my facial skin is stretchy as fuck and dry. It’s so fucking depressing and I don’t know if this’ll recover or get worse. I made an overdramatic post 1 hour ago about it. Seriously no clue how to deal with it and I’m panicking.

Yeah i saw your post man, skin feels weird as fuck, my hands, dick, legs, chest has all thinned out, and i suspect skin atrophy, my face, texture wise, O.K - Starting to get pimples, but skin is completely loose and saggy when i pull it.

I have been through countless of fucking stages in sensation, from numbness, to dead skin, to rubbery skin, to “RELATIVELY” normal now, but VERY loose and slightly dead.

This is so weird. I only noticed it 4/3? days ago and I feel like my skin was still relatively normal before that. I think it became much looser overnight. Oh yeah, last week my right jaw muscle or whatever made a cracking sound twice while I was sleeping. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Oh, it’s only on your face?

I haven’t noticed it elsewhere bc I don’t really care but I’ve noticed it also on my neck and nape at least. My forehead is especially bad right now.

I just checked my skin everywhere and it does feel saggier, though.

Yeah, i think it happened upon my crash when my entire body went numb, then slowly slowly i regained feeling, and once i started being able to feel shit, yep. Completely different, i honestly don’t have much hopes for much recovery in skin changes, I’ve heard people recover from thinning skin though, but guess time will tell. You’re only 17 man, you got a long way to go. Worst case scenario, get some laser resurfacing, and for now, try to get better mentally in order to motivate yourself that you’ll get through this sooner or later.

@Yusef The skin changes I have are completely global - across the entire body. Very gray, feminine, rubbery, and dry.

Do you Guys also get easier sunburn? And scarring? I never get sunburned in my life and now I get it very easy. My skin is a lot thinner you can see the veins very easy

This is not uncommon. I also get sunburn much more easily. Before Finasteride I only had sunburn once in my life being reckless under extreme conditions. Nowadays I have to be careful on a normal sunny day in Germany.

@Dtch It would be very helpful if you could participate in our survey! It is very important to collect data that skin changes also appear with people who took Antidepressants. Persistent side effects after the use of antidepressants are still often presented as exclusively sexual, which is inaccurate as you can confirm.

Got sunburnt super easy the first two weeks, was out in the sun for a few hours, and got burnt all over my chest. It lasted a couple of days and hurt like a motherfucker.

I also think I developed eustachian tube dysfunction. When I move my head my ears make weird sounds. People with a lot of weight loss have this

Like a cracking sound?

People gotta chill with self-diagnosing, my mother has that, and it’s much more than that lmao, it’s unbearable, accompanied with hearing loss, tinnitus, blockage and a load of other shit, chill dude.

Thats exactly what I have. The tinnitus, hyperacusis,Hearing your own voice very loud. I know what it is. Also have visual snow and palinopsia. Im not self diagnosing it is what it is.

Auch man, i’m sorry then :frowning: