Day after drinking

Hey guys,

After a long time of abstinence i decided to have a drink yesterday. I became much more aware of the head pressure, or the neurological and estrogenic effect made things flare up. My tinnitus spiked alot to the point i desperately needed white noise. However, the weirdest thing that happened was my scrotum and balls felt sore for several hours, AND they were hanging looking very close to their normal size, but they were sore to touch while at the same time being numb, I don’t even know how that is possible. Then I woke up today back to shrunken small grapes. Has anyone else had this experience?

Lot’s of patients seem to report modulation of symptoms while or after drinking. I myself feel my symptoms improve quite a bit when I’m severely hungover :man_shrugging:


I kinda used to have that but not so much anymore

But getting drunk is a good sign right?
I remember reading some guys couldn’t and it was very strange how it completely negated any drunk feelings

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And I definitely don’t recommend going out and getting drunk to try to recreate that hungover feeling. You’ll just give yourself more health problems that way.

But yeah, I get drunk still. That was never impacted for me. The anxiety initially took away caffeine’s effect. But that’s back and I drink coffee in the morning again.

Just further emphasizes how every patient gets hit differently. Idk what else to make of it.

I feel absolutely better at the day after drinking. Both mentally and physically. Despite it affects my erections it gives me some visible libido. But after one or two days these changes go away like always.

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how did you get rid of muscle wastage?