Dating Network for People with Sexual Dysfunction

I stumbled upon this website that I wanted to share with you guys.

“2date4love℠ is a dating site that enables people who cannot engage in sexual intercourse to meet and experience love, companionship and intimacy at its deepest level.”

This isn’t something that I have experience with, but with online dating becoming more and more popular I hope this can help some of you guys who are more severely affected sexually and open to the idea of online dating.

Personally, I have not made it around to being in a relationship post-Propecia but I have been personally terrified as to what will happen if I find someone I really like and it simply does not work out due to my sexual disability. While it is obviously not a perfect solution, hopefully it will have the potential to help somebody cope a bit better with our situation.


Though I always question the motives and legitimacy of dating sites this concept is a ray of hope for those that have been decimated by finasteride.

Thanks for sharing.

Will you use the site in question?

Seems a bit of a personal question for the forum, no?

If one is recommending/approving it to others, then one seems open to trying it. As someone in a position of authority to some degree (being a mod and all), Im a bit surprised here. Things like this are a very dark road to go down. I would advise people to think more positively and keep focused on the bigger picture.

This is so cool :slight_smile:

The website was created by a woman who lost her sexual ability about a bout of cervical cancer. I haven’t looked deeply enough to know what kinds of people are on there or even if there is a subscription, but it seems to be well-intentioned at the very least.

Below are a couple of articles for those who are interested in researching further:

Haha. Given the nature of information that is volunteered on this website, I’m not really sure where the boundary stands for what is considered personal information or not.

I understand there is still a bit of a stigma for using online dating services, but this seems to be rapidly evaporating. I personally have friends that are very capable of getting girls and still experimented with online-dating services. Additionally, I think online dating is perfectly suited for this type of community since it isn’t socially acceptable to go around publicly declaring your reproductive problems before it reaches the proper moment. It could potentially cut down on a lot of frustration and heartache from relationships that were very unlikely to succeed from the start.

The true dark road is the one we shave all ventured down because of finasteride. Persistent side effects make the normalcy expected in a relationship impossible in many cases. This concept of narrowing the pool to partners with similar issues seems logical especially because these women will be much more understanding than women who biologically feel you should be pushing for sex at every opportunity. Some men have been dealing with this for 10+ years.

I don’t think this is giving up hope but rather being practical and smart especially for the long term sufferers and those looking for some companionship in dark times.

This is great news for anyone who would like to find a partner without having to worry about any sexual issues. I have been using dating websites for the past 6 or so years, way before any fin crap, and they are an awesome way to meet girls. Trust me. Ive had a long term relationship from one, and tonnes of dates and plenty of sex aswell from girls iv met on dating sites. This is the era of facebook etc, trust me, dating websites are nothing to be ashamed of.
At the end of the day, if you meet a nice girl, you will be happy. The dating site is just a means to find this person.

Lincoln28, you’re out of touch bud.

Let the bros have a chance at a decent life and stop the weird shit.

This is awesome. Why would anyone have a problem with this?

This is a great idea. Cutting through any need to explain or map out prior sexual issues and or complete impotence. Basically just skip all that and start a fresh with someone that is understanding and accepting…

IM out of touch??? I think if you take a look around you and do a bit of comparison you will see otherwise.

But whatever. If thats “decent living”, then go right ahead.

What the hell is wrong with this guy? it is 2012 - online dating is a completely normal thing, and this website could be a godsend for people that would rather/ need to enter non sexual relationships.

I tried to register a long time ago but it wouldn’t work. Is the site up and running? have any of you managed to make a profile and browse?

I must say I’m a little disappointed at the level of judgment that has entered this thread. We’re all here because of similar problems and should care about helping to improve each others lives rather than criticize one another.

Lincoln28 - I understand your sentiments. You feel it is a little bit of a defeatist attitude to try out asexual-online dating. We all cope differently with the situation, and our attitudes also change over time. Some of us who have been patients for years have adopted a mentality that accepts this may be a longer term problem and this service can potentially help us out. Of course you are not required to continue using the service if your sexual function returns and it doesn’t prevent you from attempting new treatments in hopes of healing.

Personally, I find it more devastating that it will be a severe impediment to maintaining a longer-term relationship. Granted, it is very terrible that I have not had a decent orgasm or sexual release in years but I find it more detestable that Propecia has taken from me the ability to properly maintain a relationship w/ a girlfriend.

I know this is an old thread but do we know of any members that have used this site?

is that site ran by the same company that does sightseeing tours for the blind??? :unamused:

This site has since been renamed and is now known as RomanceOnly. The user base is quite small. Those that are inclined might be better off using a well known site that allows fine grained filtering for non mainstream sexual orientations, like OkCupid currently does.