Daily mail Isotretinoin article

There’s some interesting data within this article about how small the number of adverse reaction reports are. This is extremely alarming, in my opinion.

Everyone must report what happened to them.


Every doctor that prescribes accutane, fina or SSRI’s without any warnings about the side effects and/or does not do the mandatory check ups, a blood test to check hormone levels,… is a fcking pos criminal.

Not even going to start about the pharma industry…


Absolutely. We cannot complain that we are ignored by the authorities, when we don’t tell them that we exist. Everyone should report their side effects to them. When we all do it, reporting them can make a difference.

The resources are here: https://www.propeciahelp.com/report-your-propecia-side-effects-to-drug-regulatory-agencies/


It takes many people years to figure out what happened to them. This is due to the authority of doctors, who are not aware or otherwise disbelieve the condition. Look up the Milgram experiments in order to understand. This is why Accutane’s negative side effects are under-reported.


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That’s a good point @pete and I didn’t mean to put anything negative out about anyone.

I guess what I’m driving at is that people posting here need to make sure the authorities who log adverse reactions know it happened. It’s even more important when the numbers are low. Thanks to @Northern_Star for sharing the link to the resource so it can be easily done.

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Well accutane persistent sexual side effects were acknowledged quite long time ago in uk for the fairness.

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The point is that the scale of the problem is grossly under-reported.

The point is to encourage an improvement in the situation we are in.

The point is to not discourage people.

It is important that people have their symptoms and experiences represented.

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You didn’t! Was just explaining why it’s difficult for people.

Yes. They are in the patient information leaflet. Roaccutane can have side effects related to erectile dysfunction and libido loss.

Unfortunately there are medications whereby the side effects do not resolve after discontinuing the treatment.

There are a range of publications on this topic.

Because so few people report their side-effects, statistics comparing rates of reported adverse reactions to the rates of those symptoms in the entire population can be spun with a patently false assumption that reported = actual to make it look like a drug exerts a protective effect against those symptoms.

I’ll come out and say it: Shame on anyone who hasn’t at least reported their side-effects via online systems like medwatch and yellowcard, if not (forcefully if necessary) through their doctor. Can’t count how many people have said “it doesn’t matter because it won’t fix anything,” or complaining that it’s pointless because these flawed systems aren’t set-up to deal with persitency. No altruism or foresight in these people’s minds. …end rant about what I believe is a glaring problem that can be easily fixed by the post-drug communities.


I think the crying shame here is that we might actually be in a better position if people had put as much effort into making sure their symptoms were properly logged as they did eating spinach.

We need to reset a lot of things.

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Right on. I have a feeling this problem isn’t as bad among active members here as it is in the wider post-drug communities.

Estimate (at least!) a couple thousand stories I have read about Accutane causing sexual dysfunction, usually persistent, then see only a few hundred reports when browsing the pharmacovigilance databases.

People on facebook and other sites bellyaching when you tell them they MUST report these issues if they give a damn about anyone paying attention or trying to fix them.

Whatever, those who won’t do something so simple and easy to help themselves will have the rest of their lives probably to think about it.

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True, I never even went back to the dermatologist who prescribed me fina and tell him I experienced all these side effects because I knew he couldn’t help me anyway and I would’ve gotten very angry at him, things could’ve gone very ugly in his office… I think many thought the same as me…

Sure, there are other methods of making sure that you don’t go unnoticed, see @Northern_Star’s link, or @Dubya_B’s post.