Daily Headaches/Migranes/Pressures since stopping anyone?

Is anyone out there experiencing intense or uncomfortable migrane like headaches since stopping? I’ve been off for almost six months and I have them daily. Advil or aspirin won’t relieve them. The discomfort is mostly targeting the back of my head. They are often times so uncomfortable, that I can’t seem to function and am totally “vegged out.”

Any advice and will they ever go away? Oddly enough, eating beans (bean burrito or queso) seems to relieve the symptoms somewhat to a degree.

Thank you for any help or reply!

R. Totti

i remember when i came out from the drug ,i had a big strong explosion inside my head,like if something get broken…from that time i ve always suffered from hard headace and the pain was from my up head,it was so strong that i had to kick my head with my hands cause it was not working well…i always have had headace till now,i can say that now something is very very better but i know i 'm still nott good…for sure our brain has been/is dameged !


I have them every day since stopping. (6months now)

Any advice? Did they ever go away for anyone?

Thank you so much for any help.

R. Totti

Try a gluten free diet.

Fasting broke mine. Although during the fast when they were being “broke” they became so intense I wanted to slam my head into a tile floor and pop it open to relieve the pressure. I haven’t had one since then.

I quit 3 months ago and I have the same problem :frowning:

How are you feeling now?