Cushings from Propecia


Does anyone know if Propecia causes Cushing’s Syndrome?

I have just recently discovered some of the symptoms of Cushing’s and pictures on the internet and it reminds me a lot of what propecia has done to myself. I had the stretch marks on my buttocks and thighs, loss of body/facial hair, puffy face, the abdominal fat, the difficulty sleeping, loss of libido…

If you haven’t looked this up already, I recommend it.

Also, does anyone know of any effective way to LOWER CORTISOL LEVELS NATURALLY or without the use of a prescription drug? For example, are there any bodybuilding supplements out there that work at lowering cortisol as much as they say? Any vitamins or herbs? Please respond.

BTW, I’m a 20 year old male, and have had a good amount of recovery, but I still have a puffy face, on-and-off loss of libido (some days I’m good, some days I’m not), as well as a substantial loss of body/facial hair as well as thinning of the hair on my head.


Cortisol… Vitamin C: … t=cortisol


I too got strechmarks from propecia. and abit of rounder face but i kinda like that part as im skinny to begin with.

The symptoms u describe could be from high cortisol, no doubt. That is not the same as you have cushings. Not even close. But always good to rule things out.

Many ppl get elevated cortisol levels from steroids in fact its the first thing doctors would look for if they found high cortisol. And if revealed you would taper of whatever steroid your on and hopefully c a reduction in cortisol levels. Provided you can go of the steroids without causing other concearns.

Why do u have high cortisol, and how is propecia related to this. Now thats abit harder. But Testosterone lowers cortisol and low testosterone could mean higher cortisol levels. Whats your testosterone level?


To reduce cortisol several things are known: L-Theanine (green tea), aspirin, niacinamide (b3), and glycine.

There may be more but this is just off the top of my head.


Phosphatidylserine too:


I got it all to but with perfect hormones…You can diagnose Cushing’s that’s the trouble with pfs you have all these symptoms that mimmick many other diseases but perfect blood work…


Both of these could be problems for people here. Green tea is a 5ari and aspirin affects hormone levels.


How to Lower Cortisol

How to Lower Cortisol Levels Naturally | 5 EASY STEPS How to Reduce Cortisol Levels


L-theanine is a 5ari? Or green tea? There is a difference


Green tea. I assume one is found in the other?


Correct but you can have L-theanine without green tea, so I’m curious which has the 5ari characteristics. Aka is l-theanine safe


No idea, sorry. I assumed the original post was suggesting people drink the green tea to get the L-theanine, which could be a problem. That’s the end of my knowledge.

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