Curvature and other things

Hi guys. I posted a member story just under a week ago. To summarize Im 17 and I took propecia for a month and a half before stopping due to low libido. I quit the drug and felt good for a week before crashing last Tuesday and having the following side effects: bad brain fog, dark circles, interrupted sleep, ED, no brain to penis connection, etc.
I’ve been taking natural probiotics and my mental sides seem to have gone completely away and my sex drive has come back a little but other things linger or seem to have gotten worse.
I still have sexual thoughts, but I can only get hard with physical stimulation and it takes longer to get hard. My penis still seems very shriveled and there are intense veins that weren’t there before. I also realized that when I got slightly hard today while masturbating my penis was curved to the left. When soft, you can see the skin on the left is lighter and softer than the rest of my penis. I also have slight ball ache. Any thoughts on this? I know it’s early but i know PFS tends to be progressive and the curvature has become worse the past few days. I’m scared im gonna have lasting side effects.

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What brand of probiotic do you use?
I am focusing on its effect.
And this is just my opinion,maybe many of the supplements don’t affect you,but a few do.
I was affected
good:fish oil,GABA,tyrosine
bad:vitD,(sometimes fish oil)
Before trying,you should research whatever you will!!
I would like to try probiotic and tribulus,which seem to grow AR inside our body.
Good luck

I had fairly weird things happen with my penis but gradually things have been improving.

I also had some mental side effects which mostly cleared up early on.

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Hey man, how are your symptoms 1 year later? I’m in the same boat, I shook off the mental sides but the same sexual sides remain after 7 weeks. Cheers

Everything is better than it was, not as good as it used to be.

How much your sexual sides improved during the time (in %)?
And they allow you to have a normal sexual life again or you still need to use cialis, viagra…?

I think the percentage scale is impossible to use since my perception of a particular number is probably different to someone else’s.

I can have sex and do not need drugs.