Cured after 2 long horrible torturous years!


Here’s the exact kind the OP was taking.


As I said, there’s a weird way it’s labeled, that I will now add that borders on the deceptive. Hardly anywhere can you find a photo of the back of the container.

Attached is a link to the Australian Government Department of Health declaration on the product, and a photo of the relevant amount of actual mg, which is 120mg, and not 6000 mg. I’m taking pills with more actual mg already, that contain beyond the “equivalent” of deceptive Caruso’s.

Here’s the link:


So, after a couple of weeks on Gingo and vitamin D, along with amino acids, the nighttime elections have stopped and I’m hardly sleeping more than 3 hours at a time. Mental function and memory seems to have improved a bit, and my skins seems drier and I’m more thirsty, but that’s about all I have to report.


Curedfinally how are you going?