CRISPR used to treat 7 patients in trial with Leber congenital amaurosis

Something for anyone with an interest in CRISPR:


Sugarhouse,I love you,thank you for all you did.

@Sugarhouse, is there any complex research project in the pipeline?

Overexpression of AR Genes and mechanisms of silencing the AR in different cells and tissues from the brain to penile tissue and the chance of gene editing to stopp it is frequently discussed from the forum members.

Most of us are no Molecular Biology researchers. So my amateur / kitchen scientist’s question:

Is there a cellular model with the DNA regulation and membrane bound AR and potential feedback mechanisms between intra / extracellular levels of any modulator / reaction following of AR signal to DHT.

Is there any model what mechanism silences the AR.

Are there any difference in the regulation / gene sequenz of asymptomatic majority of fin users / symptomatic like us

Any DNA region / Histon to be potentially edited to downregulate AR overexpression / potential blocking / over signaling the AR in the cellular membrane of the cels in different tissues.

Are there synergetic effects from prostate cancer research.

Are there other key gene / key reactions with Transmitters Neurosteroides in the focus of research.

Is there any possibility that a state university funds a research project from their own budget.

Just questions from a kitchen scientist.

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This is pretty cool

It’s the “laatste hopen” specially for all the young sufferers, that there is understanding, cure and the use of synergetic effects on the horizon for us the forgotten rare disease zombies.

All the engagement from foundation to Propetia Help is incredible.

I told myself again and again to be full of hope, especially when the potential pfsers around me recover in three months, but I’m going to collapse. I have a few days to three months. I have the same penis and brain fog. I can’t believe how to work and live in this state. Gene editing technology is very good. I believe many people are ready to do it.But it’s crazy to think that we don’t even know what we’re facing. The best doctors in China are also studying. There are so many scientists in the community. Is this a disease in the 22nd century? This damn bitch made me lose my voice. Give us some time, let’s find out what’s wrong, and then let the damn biological hacker experiment on us

The short answer is that we’ll be announcing our first research project (hopefully of many) very soon.


Oversignaled in my own experience

After a very hot sex dream I got a spontaneous flash something like an electrical impulse in my penis and prostate really something like oversignaled.
It was a not pleasure full feeling like post orgasm over stimulation. And no erection like in former days followed.

Is there anything like a ion channel or a Micropotential blocked signaling by overstimulation?

This Impulse cooled down to an normal AR signal a rock hard erection will appear again?

Androgene Drive, Aggression, Muscles, all the white knight and bad boy instincts are back. This would be fine.

Hope dies at last…

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Crispr therapy costs 2 million usd per patient -

“Treating sickle cell disease with CRISPR therapy, Doudna said, costs about $2 million a patient.”

I truly hope Crispr is not an answer for us.

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You have posted this in the other thread already and it has been addressed there. This is the initial cost for a novel treatment that can be applied by only a limited number of specialists to a limited number of patients.

It’s normal for the initial application of a new technology to be highly expensive. As the use of the technology increases and scales up, the cost decrease because of learning curve effects, use of automation and economies of scale (fixed cost degression).

This is the cost development of human genome sequencing over time:

While there is no guarantee that CRISPR treatment will have a similar cost decrease as treatments for different diseases will obviously be less homogeneous than Genome sequencing, the aforementioned factors will still in all likelihood lead to a significant cost decrease.


I think it’s also worth noting that we’re already several years into this process with CRISPR.

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I believe CRISPR will be more mature before we find the cause. If we solve the off target effect, even if there is a problem with 3000 + gene expression, we can correct them. The key is that before PFS is not recognized, no medical institutions or professionals dare to do so. Maybe in the future, we should have a special medical team, Gene therapy in secret.