CRISPR gene expression

Is this good news at least a little bit?

News like this should fuel collective efforts on this forum from experimenting with supplements/broscience to the one and only meaningful goal - raising awareness of PFS.

More and more it seems to me that solving PFS will be only about us and if we as the community do our part rather than available technology. Looks like technology will be there whether in 5-10 years, if it is not there already.

I do no think this was the case in the previous years…

To my zero understanding of this matter, it seems to me this CRISPRoff/on technology could, in theory, be what might fix PFS, given the root of PFS is DNA methylation, as some of you here believe.


A general approach for heritably altering gene expression has the potential to enable many discovery and therapeutic efforts. Here, we present CRISPRoff—a programmable epigenetic memory writer consisting of a single dead Cas9 fusion protein that establishes DNA methylation and repressive histone modifications. Transient CRISPRoff expression initiates highly specific DNA methylation and gene repression that is maintained through cell division and differentiation of stem cells to neurons. Pairing CRISPRoff with genome-wide screens and analysis of chromatin marks establishes rules for heritable gene silencing. We identify single guide RNAs (sgRNAs) capable of silencing the large majority of genes including those lacking canonical CpG islands (CGIs) and reveal a wide targeting window extending beyond annotated CGIs. The broad ability of CRISPRoff to initiate heritable gene silencing even outside of CGIs expands the canonical model of methylation-based silencing and enables diverse applications including genome-wide screens, multiplexed cell engineering, enhancer silencing, and mechanistic exploration of epigenetic inheritance.


Axo has always maintained that the curative technology should not be our primary concern; there’s a decent chance that’ll take care of itself.

The goal of our community should be to uncover the pathology of PFS, which can only be done via thoroughly conducted scientific studies.

If we can’t find that answer, it doesn’t matter how far science progresses or how accurate gene editing technology becomes, we won’t be able to treat a disease of unknown pathology. It’s simply impossible.