Crashed with Ginkgo Biloba


I’m a PSSD suffer for last 4 years. Improved somehow over time. Improved my skin numbness, brainfog and mood. Tried 2 weeks ago 2 pills of ginkgo, had improvements in mood, concentration and perception of the world, it was a rollercoaster of changes. Were more present in life. One week later crashed. Penis is completly numb and ED is present again. Lost sweating again. Lost 10% of emotions that were left. I’m lost and don’t know how to live. Wish at least to return at my baseline. Need some support.

“Ginkgo alone had no effect on T, 5α-reductase, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), but suppressed androgen receptor (AR), aromatase, E2 and estrogen receptor (ER), and the proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA);”


Hi @iull1k,

I’m very sorry to hear that. Was this under the direction of a physician, and have you made them aware if so? I would definitely give it more time. It sounds like you were lucky enough to improve quite enviably before. Although you’re feeling so low now, do bear in mind you’re probably still in the worst of it and you may well return to where you were in a few weeks time. In the meantime please focus on taking care of yourself.

I had just yesterday posted a link to the following warning regarding this from last year. Gingko is antiandrogenic and thus not reliably safe in PFS sufferers. Considering the administrators of this site believe PSSD is mechanistically connected, I would recommend anyone considering this to take the following into account:


Hi mate, I had the same experience my baseline returned a few weeks late. Hang in there


Hi @iull1k I had a similar experience with Ginkgo during a crash. The burning headache went for 3 hours but came back. I attributed this to increased blood flow to the brain. I’ve not taken it since I read the warnings on here and that was a week ago, hopefully I don’t crash.

During the headaches I found that by elevating my legs to a 90 degree angle (prop them over a chair or get an elevation extension for your bed) with my head level with my heart most of the pain went away as this increased blood flow to the brain. Perhaps a supplement/protocol that opens up vessels to the brain and increases blood flow will help you long term.

I feel that we are dealing with a brain injury amongst other things while much of the discussions have been based around hormones and diet. Perhaps we should have been seeing Neurologists rather than Endos which have brought little success.

The recommended doses on bottles are for healthy people so we should try to reduce the size to a small fraction and slowly build up. We seem very sensitive to certain things. Again this is all trial and error in which we play Dr and patient on the most complex organ in the body. Hope this helps.