Crashed with antibiotic!

I took an antibiotic for the eyes and crashed: my PFS is worse than before! I am intolerant to any medication and supplement, the same thing Quantum had.

I am so sorry about that… hope things improve during the next days.

I am in a similar situation, that’s why I always advise bad cases not to mess with more drugs.

All the things that have made me crash:

-Mirtazapine (mild crash)

Also things like very cold water or anesthesia have brought severe problems but these seem to be specific to many few cases.

And at first crashes were horrible but I could manage them, now everytime I crash is a struggle for life.

This syndrome is so complicated to understand.

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I have the same issue I crash from drugs and supplements.

What antibiotic did you take Demon?

Ei man did you crash while on them? I have been running antibiotics for 1 month, I feel great while on them (very great normal psyche) but when I quit them just for a day. hell breaks loose. I get anxious, femenin, bloated… wtf is happening, Im very afraid to give up them at least while I have to be social or work, and also feel very great while on them…

I have been taking amoxyciline and dosycicline