Crash after recover due to receptor damage?

I stopped fin 14 years ago (took 1 year 1mg) and recover (fully) than and now. For example, last time was I think on monday. I was confident, felt the need to approach woman (usually I have bad ass anxiety of woman since my crash) and my libido was going crazy. My prostate even hurt from the constant boner. I gave up fapping 2 years ago, wich made things better. I get a libido every 2-3 weeks due to that. On Monday I did not get laid and of course not fapped. That evening I crashed with all the symptoms again. Anxiety, zero libido, cold sweats, zero memory, brain fog etc.

I wonder what happens there? Does the body get too much hormones and than crashes because the receptors dont work properly or are too sensitive? How can I avoid that? Should I fap?

Especially the cold sweats were my first symptom during and after fin. I remember using sweat pads under my arms 14 years ago because I was freezing and yet sweating like crazy due to anxiety. I never had such thing before fin.

Before my crash I did not have social anxiety and was able to go to clubs easily without drinking alcohol. But after fin I always needed to get completely drunk to feel normal. Pre fin I could talk normal to women. But since the crash, most of the time I am shaking when looking hot chicks in the eyes. But when I have these libido boosts, I am able to approach women.

Sometimes I am telling my self I dont have PFS anymore because its been 14 years and I have morning wood and like 80-90% hard boners. But than I have times like these that make me wonder whats going on in my body and it feels like typical PFS symptoms.

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IMO if you cant like the lifestyle the wayyou want then you arne’t recovered from PFS.

You still have PFS it’s just gotten better

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Seems like those iatrogenic conditions are just this parasites that clinges on to your body and never let go.
You might bounce back again to feeling somewhat close to normal.

Its been 14 or 15 years. I am 39 now. I doubt there will be a close to normal long term without doing anything. I plan on doing the 200mg Proviron protocol anytime soon and hope it does desensibilize receptors and things go back to normal.


Hi man. Please consider risk vs reward. I am not familiar with the protocol, but seems to me your life is liveable (even if not the life you dreamed of) and if you crash- you will regret ever thinking about trying chemicals again. Hope you reconsider

Yes I am aware of that. Let’s see. I am not very happy how it is now. But it also could get worse.

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I’ve experienced a full recovery then crashed when I ran proviron and mast, its absolutely nasty to see how your daily life was amazing with a libido, pleasure from hanging out with friends, tv, sex etc… and a fully functioning imagination (its like I could picture things in my head clearly again, this quickly faded when the crash hit)

Upon crashing I suffered from significant depression and anhedonia.

Currently on no hormones not even TRT and just dealing with PFS as a grind. Very, very, difficult grind.

Unfortunately the only time I felt normal again was under the influence of illicit substances and it led to quite a bad spiral recently which I’ll probably disclose sometime soon. I don’t mind sharing my experiences way I see it is if it helps one person then its worth sharing lol

Been on a big break from PH just trying to adjust from the early PFS phase where you are brutally thrown into this sudden state to the more mid PFS phase where I’m just used to it and not thinking about it constantly everyday like I was.

Believe me it still reduces my quality of life significantly and I still think about PFS but I am doing a lot better at handling the daily grind.

I guess you took Proviron the typical way right? 25-50mg daily. I´ve read a couple stories where people recovered with this but after crashed again.

This guy did a different approach after he tried the small proviron doses without long term success. With these 200mg doses he overstimulated his receptors and somehow forced a reset or desensibilitation. The more I think about that, the more sense it makes. Thats why I wanna give it a try soon. I have real pharmacy Bayer Proviron here.

I myself was fully recovered (mentally as well for the first time ever) in January this year, after taking BPC 157, Dhea and Pregnenolone. 4 days recovery. It felt insane. And than the typical PFS phase started again.


You are correct I ran it in the typical fashion and I will say the 200mg method has certainly piqued my interest.

If you give it ago please PM me and let me know how your experience is with it, I’m certainly interested. I will probably run it sometime myself in the near future. I certainly wouldn’t mind taking 200mg Proviron for the rest of my life if I had to if I could significantly or even minorly reduce the PFS state.

Sad to hear about your temporary recovery, shame BPC 157 was a bust cus I heard good things about it . Its torture to be teased and think you have found a cure then have the rug ripped right from underneath you ha :neutral_face:

Heres to better days and I wish you luck with your proviron protocol should you choose to go through with it.

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How long was it between when you first got PFS, and when you thought you were recovered? Have you never had 100% erections since your original crash? Because if so, then I’d imagine that you always have some low-level PFS this whole time, with very occasional spikes. But if you have zero cognitive issues for the vast majority of the time then all I can say is congratulations.

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Until last year I did not know PFS is a thing. I always thought I make it up in my mind that I dont have a libido or thought that I have low libido due to depression or social anxiety. But pre fin I was having 5x sex a day with my gf that time. During fin I was avoiding sex with my weekend relationship. Once a month even was too much. And that never changed after fin. I had a masturbation problem. Was masturbating every 2nd day. Not because I was horny but because it was a thing since puberty.

In 2018 I had a gf with high libido. It was a weekend relationship and I was able to have sex once or maximum twice a weekend and also was avoiding sex there. Than she cheated on me, wich started things rolling. I stopped fapping, wich helped a lot. Last year I figured out PFS is a thing.

I have more mental than sexual problems. I had and still have times where I can get a 100% erection and have high libido. But these days are once a month. Also thanks to nofap. Yes, you named it, I have sexual spikes but crash than and now. But my mental issues are always there.

I was a pretty funny guy pre pfs. I remember, after fin, I was like a robot. My best friend that time asked me what happened to me and why I cant build proper sentences while speaking and only try to make jokes with single words. Of course I did not know fin was able to do that to me. I thought I have some mental illness or something. And I still have the same brain fog that started after stopping fin. My temples and my forehead feel numb. I remember I was sitting in class after stopping fin and could not listen to the teacher anymore. I still have this, cant listen and follow to friends, while they talk.

Two years ago, after hearing my ex gf cheated on me, I got very very angry for the first time after fin. I was god damn aggressive all the time for a year or so. That was the best time I had mentally and sexually. I was back 70-80%, was able to feel emotions again and talk with people and listen. I was horny pretty often. But that all faded away with the anger to my ex. And now its idiot mode again for about 6 months.

EDIT: I think giving pedophiles and rapists Finasteride is one of the biggest punishments you can do to them. Its chemical castration.


PFS Late November, thought I was recovered early Jan. I’d say since PFS I’d have 80% erections max, believe me when I say this my libido and emotions were temporarily restored during my temporary recovery I assure you. Very fleeting feeling however.

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If you have no feelings at all, is that a sign of low estrogen? I am taking around 5 capsules betaine HCL daily from and just read it reduce estrogen?

Edit: my social anxiety is fully out of control these days. Dont know whats going on but I cant talk to people anymore while I was approaching women in January this year. I am shaking when a dog barks or a car honks.

Oh man. We had a pssd sufferer who took betaine and crashed badly, it’s a methyl donor. If you feel any worsening please stop this supp instantly. Make a quick search on Betaine in this forum, and on pssd forum

I am taking it almost a year now but upped the dose from 3 to 5 pills a day. Its essentsial for me because I dont have enough stomach acid it seems. Ever since I take Betain HCL I gained serious weight and muscles. Before I was very thin and not able to gain weight or muscles.

I suspect histamine issues again behind the anxiety because my brain always feels like on inflammation. I am so tired of all this shit. Life became really hell. Cant enjoy any food due to allergies. Cant enjoy anything social due to anxiety. Cant enjoy sex due to anxiety. Cant enjoy travel due to the covid hoax. Have not much left in life at the moment.

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Stay strong mate

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Anybody know how I can test for sure if I have PFS? I mean if I take Testosterone and not react to it with a libido boost and/or aggression, it would mean I have PFS right?

It’s weird, I took a bit of Hydrocortison this afternoon and I have a clear head, better mood and better energy. I know I have adrenal fatigue because dhea and pregnenolone helped me so much in December 19. But this is a new level.

Unfortunately I also took 2mg copper yesterday and was able to feel emotions this morning after such a long time feeling like a robot. Took copper today again. So I cant really tell if all these things are from copper or Hydrocortison.