COVID and sex hormones

I came across an interesting article on COVID and sex hormones that seems to have some similarities to what we’re experiencing:

“ According to researcher Dr. John Aitken, COVID-19’s pathological impact on the tested is underscored by data the shows active cases dramatically reduce testosterone to luteinizing hormones. Reduction in testosterone has a significant impact on the body’s responsiveness to Leydig cells that stimulate the secretion of sex steroids.”

With all the effort on CORONA, I can only hope their may be something positive that comes out of it for us.

I’ve read it destroys the Leydig cells and causes infertility, according to some studies I’ve read.

Also you’re right there are a lot of similar symptoms, it seems like a lot of people are experiencing brain fog from Covid even after recovering from it.

Stay safe!

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That is interesting. This is possibly related.

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Greek, that article states they may use The same drugs we’ve used to treat or prevent Covid. That may unfortunately mean more victims of finasteride.

Yeah, I saw that. Another reason to not get covid.

Or to get…

Isn’t this due to men having stronger immune systems?

IIRC men get more adverse effects from a regular flu than women to, because of our immune system react harder. Androgens have a big impact on immune response.