Covid and Endocrine disruptors 2020

Hi everyone,

I live in Buenos Aires, a major city. I am on HRT science 2015, and relarively stable since.

This year I had multiple crashs, starting on May, then July, September and havent been able to really get better to whare I was before, as I have done in the past years, whenver I had a crash.

In the last weeks I have avoided all cleaning products (Lysoform, industrial soap, creams etc) and got a major improvement. Las week I took a vacation on a farm, away from the city and all the chemicals in it, and got really good, similar to where I was pre 2020.

By crash I mean penile pain, no hair fall, ED, hard flaccid. Not talking about mental issues.

The question is, has anyone living in major cities crashed more than usual this year?

Could it be that in 2020 endocrine disruptors are everywhere?, due to fighting covid with cleaning products, and are messing up with our already compromised hormonal system.

And maybe, this could explain some part of the PFS puzzle.

Ive wondered about this. I live in the town and i believe it can have a bad impact on my healing unfornately. The reason is that im geting some improvement especially chest is becoming very flat. semen volume when im going out to the rural so the environment definately can have an impact.

When it comes to endoctrine disruptors in chemicals you can very well have right. Im avoiding washing hands so much as recommended for example.
But another angle from my side is that the calm environment permits the body to stress down and this constant stress in the town has a bad impact on hormones.
However its interesting what you say with your improvements

When it comes to crash ive not so much to say unfornately