Could we write some sort of treatment guide?

The fairly active success stories compilation thread had me wondering if we could write a guide about attempted treatments like supplements, lifestyle adjustments, and medications. Maybe we could evaluate things like costs, intrusiveness/commitment needed, how likely it is the treatment’s going to be effective, and how effective the treatment can be. Sorry if this sounds too vague, it was just a thought I had and I’m kinda on a time crunch right now.

Mods are working on a treatment list survey for experiments that were done and their outcomes.

The truth is one thing that might work for someone might not work for someone else.

There’s no consistency. If you are lucky, you will respond well to something and it will get rid of some or all your sides.

If you are unlucky it will make you worse.

Please fill out the survey, it will help us get funding to figure out better treatments that work for everyone


I know that no treatment will work for everyone. You said that some treatments could make us worse and that was one of the things I was hoping could be evaluated: likeliness that it will backfire.

I’m glad to hear that the mods are working on it, I’ll what I can to help.

You maybe have a similar opinion to mine.I decided to try whatever I want to try.(Even though I were worse)
I first am trying supplements and diet which sound good.I have some improvements but some errors.