Could we share a common event that triggered PFS?

It has already been discussed many times that we probably all have a common genetic predisposition for PFS. But is there perhaps the possibility that there is an event that has triggered everything?
I myself have taken Fin for several years without any problems. And suddenly in 2020 these side effects appear after I had an operation with general anesthesia. A bit delayed, but not unrealistic. Also, I wonder if Fin might only show up in certain blood types and ethnicities?
Have there been any thoughts on this?

Genetic predisposition: possible, maybe likely even.

Events: no.

While perhaps being skewed in the direction of preexisting mental health issues (based on data gathered in a few studies), our fin cohort here appears to be a random sample of (mostly) young balding men.

I will say that some had difficulty when stopping the drug for a time and then restarting it; you may have done this with your operation?

were you living an stressful situation when you crashed? also, after the operation, did they prescribe you antibiotics?

I kept on taking fin during the recovery phase.
I did not get antibiotics.

When I crashed It was stressful but mostly because of my ED. I had stressful phases in my life but nothing that stood out remarkable.

I would have been under a lot of stress when I crashed.

I recall a striking number of PFSers had a correlation with crash and antibiotics, myself being one of them. But I have taken several courses of antibiotics since with no changes.

What kind of stress were you experiencing? Was it life stress that started before you were taking fin, while you were taking fin, or as a result of taking fin?

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I was in college and was struggling to keep up with the workload.

I also had serious sleep problems which I didn’t know at the time were caused by fin.