Could we anticholinergic issues?



Look at the list of symptoms


no, not at all. if anything it’s secondary to what has taken place


Choline plays a vital role in the transformation of fat.

I’ve been mostly symptom, free thanks to a carnivore/ ketogenic diet, eating lots of meat and saturated fat, very low carbs veggies and of course no Carbs appart from the few gr. in the veggies.

I think there’s a link between saturated fat and neurological problem, as well as carbs and digestive issues.

I’m going to start Choline supplementation and keep you posted.


How many supplements are you running, Ozeph?


I tried Aricept for a while and it seemed to help with ED. Had to quit because of side effects…tightness in the chest, etc.


At the moment not that many at all.

I take a whey protein isolate shake twice a day (I’m about to switch to a vegan one) and I take 2-4gr gelatin a day.

I also take vitamins and minerals, and coconut oil accounts for at least 1/3 of my calorie intake (I’m on a ketogenic / carnivore diet).

within a week, I will start taking mixes of amino acids to try and fix my insomnia.