Could Low Allopregnanolone increase risk of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and MS

Allopregnanolone and neuroinflammation: a focus on multiple

Recent data point to important roles for ALLO in different neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis (MS). Dysregulation in ALLO biosynthesis pathways has been reported in brain tissue from MS patients as well as in the central nervous system (CNS) tissue derived from MS animal models.

What does this mean for PFS guys with impaired allopregnenolone?

Propecia user gets MS

Who out there got MS or Parkinsons after taking finasteride?

My husband got MS after 20 years of continuous use of Propecia 1mg per day
Confirmed on MRI of the brain and spine

Anybody else? Would really like to hear from other patients
He stopped taking it a months ago and a lot of his symptoms are gone


Wow Carinne, it is documented that fin increases the risk of such diseases and many display /complain of cognitive deficits, neurological symptoms that naturally cause worry about where this could lead. How old is your husband and what symptoms did he have and which ones remain. A big thank you for posting too.


He is 47 years old and he was diagnosed 2 years ago. He stopped taking Propecia only a month ago so still early for the symptoms. We are working with his neurologist to understand a little more

His symptoms were very similar to what is described here: brain fog, fatigue, ED, speech difficulties, muscle loss and main one is issues with spasticity in the right leg, balance issues and walking is difficult

Everything seems improving, main one that he noticed is Brain fog is completely gone as well as fatigue. The one that remains is on the balance and walking which I would assume will take time to rebuild and we will do PT

Really turning to this forum to know if anybody else is in this situation as well as any advices for us or recommendation for who to see


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Very concerning to me

Personally years into PFS I have high amounts of Allopregnanolone in my urine. And based off everything I read about the research that’s currently available on Parkinson’s I think that dopamine/dopamine receptors serotonin/serotonin receptor and glutamate/NMDAreceptors are implicated in Parkinson’s more so then Allopregnanolone/GABA receptors.

The thing with neurotransmitters though is they are all connected. So if we are genetically predisposed to Parkinson’s or MS and if we did adjust Allopregnanolone/GABA receptors which is the bodies main inhibitory neurotransmitter maybe this could have an impact on excitatory neurotransmitters such as NMDA and dopamine receptors.

As much as I wish I did not see this thread I think that a predisposition to Parkinson’s is a possibility in my own experience

amino acids make neurotransmitters in the body. Amino acids have a profound impact on my symptoms. Not to say that if it’s neurotransmitters this automatically means a predisposition to Parkinson’s. But most PFS victims are not in their late forties early fifties yet which is likely when the disease would be at a level needed to get the diagnoses so I don’t know scary thought

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Robin Williams demise springs to mind

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When I have more time I’ll try to see if I can find a way to have the gene tested that this article talks about.

So the article talks about a specific gene mutation that makes you extremely prone to getting Parkinson’s. Additionally the article talks about findings in the brain specific to serotonin viewable via MRI that researches suspect is an early indication of Parkinson’s. Article calls it “reduced serotonin activity in the brain”

Interestingly I have low serotonin in my urine. When I take 5-HTP and L-Tryptophan to increase serotonin production and increase the amount of serotonin in my urine my constipation is much better pretty much cured. However I’m very scared to stay on the 5-HTP and L-Tryptophan long term even though 3 times now it cures my constipation. Scared to increase serotonin with the 5-HTP and L-Tryptophan because others get worse taking 5-HTP and because I don’t know enough about which neurotransmitters are messed up if this is the problem. So even though increasing my serotonin cures my constipation it could be making things worse …

“The serotonin system started to malfunction in the subjects with Parkinson’s long before symptoms such as movement problems started to appear and before abnormalities in the dopamine system arose”

“Our findings provide evidence that molecular imaging of serotonin transporters could be used to visualize premotor pathology of Parkinson’s disease in vivo ,” writes the team”

@5-alpha-victim, you always seem to harp on about your urine tests and how ‘peeing out high amounts of substance x means my body wants to get rid of it’, etc. It does not mean that at all. So before you start to base theories and modalities of action on something, be sure that the something is meaningful - urine tests for neurotransmitters is not deemed to be terribly reliable as a measure of those chemicals in the brain, and there are so many other factors at play here which I can go into if you want me to.


I have said in other threads that as it pertains to my high Allopregnanolone and 3a-diol in my urine that maybe this means my body wants to get rid of these two steroid metabolites. Not stating that theory as a fact. Just offering it as a possibility especially when considering both of these steroid metabolites were low in the CNS of PFS patients In Melchangi’s study. So my theory is actually well thought out and intelligent enough to the point where it seems to have blown over your head. What I do say “as a fact” is that the high Allopregnanolone and 3a-diol in my urine obviously means I’m not producing low amounts of these two things. I’m not saying that the high urine Allopregnanolone and 3a-diol in my urine is telling me what the levels of these two things are in my CNS. You are assuming I’m saying this and I’m not. I’m simply saying I’m not producing things in low amounts that are high in my urine. My body can’t pee out steroid metabolites in high amounts that my body is not making. In this instance I’m assuming that I have Prog going to 5a-DHP via 5AR and 5a-DHP going to Allopregnanolone via 3a-HSD. Why am I assuming this? 1st Because this is how Allopregnanolone is made in the body. 2nd I have high amounts of Allopregnanolone in my urine.

I never said that I think any urine neurotransmitter in my urine is an indication that my body wants to get rid of a specific neurotransmitter. What I said regarding my urine neurotransmitter test results is that I have low serotonin in my urine. I pointed that out seeing that the article I posted suggests that “low serotonin activity” in the brain may be an early indicator of Parkinson’s. And this thread is about Parkinson’s and I do have low urine serotonin. This does not mean I’m saying that I have low serotonin in my brain. So relax and no offense but I don’t see you teaching me anything on the subject so no need to go into it more

Thanks for the clarification - I must have misinterpreted your previous posts.

Focus on what you can control. Worrying about a future chronic disease is meaningless. You are more likely have health issues if you are constantly expecting the worst. Even if we will suffer from x, try to enjoy what you have currently…Sorry couldn’t help…


Your right it’s true

My post probable makes it look like I’m worrying . I’m not though in the sense that I’m not stressing over it. What ever the long term implications of having PFS for ten years is going to be what it’s going to be

However, If I can control it why not. I’m contradicting my self a little. But if I see low serotonin in my urine test and then increased it and my constipation magically goes away. I’m going to harp on this because it’s clearly telling me something. It not mean that I have the answers but hell I’m going to continue to explore that

Finasteride and other drugs damage neurons and that damage may be similar to the damage that happens in MS.


Google Scholar finasteride or isotretinoin and neurons