Could CRISPR play a role in the treatment of PFS?

Probably once we know what the exact problem is we will be able to know whether the recent CRISPR breakthrough can be a potential tool for treating our disease, but it seems really promising.
If you haven’t still heard of it, here’s a video:

Absolutely. In fact, as of right now it seems to be the most likely treatment. The problem is, sometimes when there is an epigenetic modification like an added methyl group… that methyl group can actually actually come back a few days or weeks later. We won’t really know until we can pinpoint and test (hopefully after these next studies show us where to pinpoint).

We will most likely have to go to China to have this done. The Chinese are already using CRISPR pretty liberally. Many scientists have already used it on themselves to become more resistant to HIV. … 063016.php … tion-sites

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hey moonman1
can you share how you know the scientists are injecting themselves already to become resistant to HIV?

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Just to provide some hope that there could theoretically be a way out of this mess, and to display how important and revolutionary both CRISPR and DNA research are, here are 2 of the last 6 headline cover pages of Investors Business Daily:

Jan 13:

“Biotechnology’s Coming Victories: The stocks could climb as gains in gene editing, precision medicine deliver cures for serious illnesses.”

December 9:

“The Evolution of DNA Tests: As genetic testing gets better and cheaper, it’s opening huge opportunities for new treatments and preventative medicine.”

These aren’t just articles in the paper, but are the main articles on the front cover.


“WWIII”. Everything will stop. Thank you, Donald.

CRISPR isn’t the cure to this disease.

You may be right that CRISPR won’t be the cure but until the pathology of the disease is understood it’s all really speculation.

Personally, I’m hedging my bets by focusing on diet, meditation, social activities, and weight lifting. Things have definitely improved for me. If we can’t cure this but there’s a way to get back to 70-80%, that seems acceptable to me.

I’m just watching a cool documentary on bbc four in the UK about Crispr, called Storyville: The gene revolution: changing human nature. It’s really interesting. Especially to me as a non scientist.

The tech has a long way to go with human trials.

I don’t see any evidence to suggest that Finasteride does enough damage to DNA or gene expression to claim that CRISPR is the cure to PFS.