Could Accutane or Finasteride stop bone growth?


Has anyone experienced lesser or stopped height due to these drugs? I used Accutane for only 2 days, experiencing side effects for 4 years. If androgens suppose to grow us, and we know that our 5AR-DHT activity is damaged, is it a right idea to conclude that our height grow is also impaired due to drug? In what degree sexual hormones plays a role in height grow? Thanks… (For those who took the drug at the young age, puberty)

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Did your height and shoulders grow during/after PFS?

Massive dose of isotretinoin for long time in prepubertal age can stop bone growth.
You took only two capsules. Don’t be afraid.
You have grown up normally.
I used isotretinoin 40mg/day for 6 months in my sixteen and it cleared my face, boosted my confidence and also I have grown up some centimeters more from withdrawal. Now I am 25 yo and 1.82m (6 ft).
You are ok brah.
Go further and enjoy your life.


Accutane can cause bone problems.

Bone density reduction and bone density loss are side effects in the patient information leaflet. The patient information leaflet is printed by the manufacturer. This comes with the Accutane prescription.

Taking Accutane is an extremely low quality idea.


I don’t know who have deleted my post but he has done a very INCORRECT action.
So I repost briefly my sentence BECAUSE your censorship is INTOLERABLE.
Stop trying to scare people to not taking isotretinoin if they have severe and debilitating acne! @pete


First, @pete wasn’t responsible for the deletion. It was done in response to your thoughtless words for the sake of keeping peace. Secondly, this foolishness of accusing those who suffer side effects from Accutane, or any substance discussed on this site, of scaremongering ends here. Denying those who experience PAS in light of published incidences of sexual and reproductive side effects of Accutane as far back as 20 years ago is no different than denying those who experienced PFS in the early days. PFS is a condition you yourself claim to suffer from and was not recognized by the medical community at large as anything more than a psychosomatic illness until recently. If you can’t put yourself in our shoes to understand what it means to suddenly begin suffering from untreatable and unrecognized long-term side effects, out of the blue, from a supposedly safe acne drug, you can post elsewhere. It makes no difference if your experience with Accutane was a positive one.

I am personally deleting the implicit factual statements about:

  • sexual side effects of Accutane being due to preexisting conditions

  • Accutane having no effect on bone density at therapuetic doses

  • manufacturers being forced to list all reported side effects

…that you declared in your re-post. If you would like to repost again and state them as your opinion or back them up with evidence, you may do so.


Thanks for this message, Dubya, do you think that is there an any possibility that 4 pills of Accutane could reduced my Testesterone and IGF-1 levels mildly but permanently? And maybe i was living with this impaired hormone levels for 4 years and it affected my growth? Could this possible for such low dose… i mean i still have side effects… my low semen volume indicated that im in low on androgens… could this impairment in my hormones impaired my potential genetic height growth? Thanks… (They say i have low IGF-1 levels for my age…) Maybe it was low for 4 years and i grew less… :open_mouth::worried:

My blood results at the age of 17:

  • Total T= 4.55 ng\mL
  • Free T= 19.52 pg\mL
  • Growth Hormone= 0.13 ng\mL

My blood results which i did like a 5 months ago (at the age of 19):

                                    REFERENCES IN THE RIGHT SIDE:
  • IGF-1 (CLIA)= 170.00 ng\mL ---- 16-18 years old= 173-414 19-21 yrs old= 173-23
  • DHT= 309 pg\mL ---- 19-55 years old= 112-955
  • Creatine= 0.81 mg\dL ---- 0.72- 1.25
  • FSH= 1.45 mIU\ml ---- 0.95- 11.95
  • LH= 2.42 mIU\ml ---- 0.57- 12.07
  • Prolactin= 10.70 ng\ml ---- 3.46- 19.4
  • PSA= 0.653 ng\ml ---- 0.4
  • Free T3= 2.37 pg\mL ---- 1.71- 3.71
  • Free T4= 0.96 ng\dL ---- 0.7- 1.48
  • Total T= 5.51 ng\mL ---- 1.42- 9.23
  • TSH= 1.55 IU\mL — 0.43- 4.2
  • Vitamin D 19.52 ng\mL ---- 40-80
  • DHEA= 660 ug\dL ---- 238.4- 539.3

Isn’t that these tests are low for someone on my age? My only hope that they say these tests can vary alot. Maybe i give an another shot and IGF-1 levels show up better?


What is IGF-1 exactly I think I have it noted in my member story but didn’t actually know what it is/does


The truth is i don’t know in details too. But here it is: Insulin - like growth factor -1 ( IGF -1) is a hormone that functions as the major mediator of growth hormone (GH)-stimulated somatic growth , as well as a mediator of GH-independent anabolic responses in many cells and tissues. … IGF -1 that is synthesized in the liver and secreted into the blood is under the control of GH.

I remember the liver tests they did to me before Accutane… this is just scary.


Anyone can give an another answer? Is it a good idea to assume i did grow less than my full potential because of my persisting sexual side effects from just 4 pills of Accutane? I never realized decline in my libido, just semen volume and morning wood loss were the major ones.

My body looks more childish than a man. I don’t know…help pls. I just need a scientific approach to my question. I mean androgens play big role on growing right?


Have a look at this study . The patients took way higher doses of isotretinoin than acne patients and their epiphyses still remained open or progressed as expected for their age. I don’t think accutane affects bone growth in the standard acne dose range

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Why worry about something you can’t change. If your growth plates are closed you’re done growing. Nothing you can do now anyway.


Agreed. It doesn’t matter now, it’s done


I just wanted to know man. The truth. Also im just 20, probably they are closed but some people grow up to 22. And my overall size looks small.

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But what if they were “crashed” like us. Those patients didn’t experienced androgen receptor diysfunction. They were genetically “immune” to poison. My concern is that what happens on our “crashed” bodies. Has anyone crashed at the age of 16 and continued growing with sexual symptoms here? :confused:

I really wonder if this drug impaired my or our growth or not. Since androgens are responsible for it and my semen was so low that indicates there is something wrong on my hormones. However, this is my last bump of this thread. Im not going to bump it again, ever.


Hello all, if you used any drug (Accutane, Propecia etc.) At the age range of 15-20, have you experienced height and shoulder grow? (since shoulder bones have many Androgen Receptors*, and our AR* is damaged.)
I used only 4 pills and im concerned about my body for not getting enough androgens since my semen volume is low for 4 years. Im 20 and 1.78. But my family is taller than me. And my shoulders are very narrow.


My hands got bigger after I came off Fin because of high growth hormone levels due to a pituitary tumor which I believe Fin caused.

If you think your bones are getting bigger you should have your growth hormone levels checked.

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