Coping - Reconnection


I realised that this whole block of text with all that information may be overwhealming / complicated and even prevent someone from the Reconnection. If thats the case - that it seems all too complicated what I written - here is TLDR - Truly and honestly address to God, from deep within You - “God please help me, God please show me that You exist”. Thats actually it. He WILL help and show You that He is real if You truly ask for it (e.g. He will show You via something in Your life that You will notice and You will realise that He is real) - if You truly meant it all and honestly wished it (and wont mock Him, etc…). Just be patient, it may take some time (something may be even instant, but days, weeks, maybe even few months - but it WILL happen. Btw - what is there actually to lose?). After all that its all between You and God. I wish You all good luck and God’s blessing in Your Reconnection


Coping – Reconnection

Hello everyone,
this post is not about forcing anyone to do or to believe in anything. It is about showing that there is a possibility. Its difficult for me to find the way how to say this, because I have been an atheist for all my life so trust me that I very well and all too good know how You may view the following. But after some events in my life my worldview changed from an atheist to an agnostic. To make a long story short, approximately one month ago I came to a realization that there is an actual and living God. This truly was a real shock for me despite being an agnostic already. But this message is not about me right now or about my story so far, right now it is about reaching out to someone, anyone in need, maybe You? If I am to reach even a one person that will be helped by this then it is worth it despite the negative feedback it may attract and that I expect, unfortunatelly. I am not saying I have all the answers, not at all, but this is not about decoding God – but reconnecting with Him. The post title is Coping – Reconnection, I am not stating or proclaiming that God will cure You (but do not give up this wish if You have it, nothing is impossible with the help of God, but only He knows what His plan is for You, there are no two identical destinies), I just want to put out the message that He may truly help You in/with Your life. So if You are that one person and wonder how can God show his presence and help You with Your life, I can give You a hint from what I learned and how You can start, but please read everything in my whole message first.

Trust me, this is really not just about You saying some words or simply thinking something lightly in Your mind out of the blue. These are also not a strict word for word guidelines, just an approximate approach that You can take that may help to God revealing Himself he is real to You. Please, do this (only) when You are really ready and when You truly WANT it: From within Your deepest soul and from within Your deepest heart (not just Your mind, yes - from the deepest part of heart and from the soul, You really do have to want and mean this in Your core), in a serious, truly sincere way (not mocking, funmaking, drunk, high, not serious or I dont care attitude, and also without blaming Him, without excuses for Your mistakes and neither in aggressive way), truly ask God (if You prefer You can address Jesus, God=Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit) to please forgive You for all Your trespassings and for all Your sins in Your life that You have done (make some review of them before this or here and truly repent of them, acknowledge that they were wrong and You shouldnt have done them despite You feeling they were right or just at the moment, especially ones when You may have hurt someone with them, anyone (in real life, even online – there are real people sitting behind computers, so it doesnt matter where/how) – repent as much and as sincerly as possible – in Your heart). To make the most to recive God´s true forgiveness, I will be sincere to You, there is also a hard part to this – especially for our communities – it includes Your forgiving others that hurt You in Your life. I know, a tough one, very tough one for most. But trust me on this one. And know that it doesnt mean Your giving up the fight e.g. against farmaceutical companies in any legal ways at all, quite the opposite because You will be much stronger after His presence in Your soul and Your life and with much more strength to battle for the right things. It is purely about showing forgiveness and letting go of the hate in Your heart (even despite some people being undeserving of Your forgiveness). You may even ask Him to help You with this one if it feels too hard to forgive everybody right now, but be at least willing in Your heart, show at least Your will to forgive the ones that did hurt You. In the same sincere and deep from the heart and soul manner I described above, say, want, let Him know, that You invite Him into Your life, accept Him into Your heart and into Your soul and that You want Him to somehow show His presence to You and that You want to accept Him and invite Him to help You with Your life. That You allow Him to work in Your life and that You are willing to change for the better for Him - that with God´s help You will try to follow His will, follow His Commandments and will be trying to live life without Sin. (If You are ready enough You may even want to say that You will dedicade Your life to Him or at least maybe that You allow Him to take over the course of it if He can really help You out with Your life).

This is it - if You are sincere and say it from the bottom of Your heart and soul and address it directly to Him. If You truly mean it. You may even have doubts if God / Jesus / Holy Spirit are real and if He exists, it is alright, You can even tell Him in a polite way that You are not sure that He is real, let Him know that – but tell Him that IF He IS real – to somehow let You know it and again that if He indeed is real - that You want Him in Your soul, that You invite Him to help You with Your life. Give this all You possibly can and be as sincere as You can be in Your heart, soul and mind. And what will possibly happen? Some things may happen instantly (like having some really unusual intense feelings right away), but also please be patient, because God often works in mysterious ways and It may take some time before He really shows His presence in Your soul and/or manifest somehow in Your life to show that He does exist. Instantly, days, weeks, or even months – but it will come and You will just know and realize… Be prepared that it may take You to make some changes in Your ways – but I do believe for the exchange of better life for You and also for the others around You. You may want to at least look into Ten Commandments and what Sins are to be truly serious about this. He can give some help with overcoming that too if You ask Him, but there must be a true will on Your part to work on the change. If He blesses You with His presence in Your soul then this would not even be that much of a problem, because it could then be all natural for You after (even enjoying). Believe in the positive outcome of this all and dont lose faith. You will not be on Your own after that in Your life. If You are interested to look into this more deeply and You are curious, to find some encouragement, there are really a large amounts of videos out there e.g. on YouTube about God / Jesus / Holy Spirit testimonies – how God intervened, helped, even healed and changed lifes of people. Real true stories of intervention (I am not talking about some self suggestion at all that You may be thinking right now).

I have written more or less a best in my own words version that I could think of right away from the top my mind of my knowledge about how to reconnect with God – at least for an atheist and as the first step. There are of course more steps and more official ones like getting Baptised for example, but I stick here to letting You know how to possibly be shown that God is real - by His ways especially for You, no two other manifestations are necessarily identical. I also do not mix into this topic of organized religion at all, neither I think that everything on their part is alright. But after the realization that God is real You can it take further, You will see Yourself. But if it all looks way too overwhelming for You already, there may be shorter versions on how to start, although I would recommend the one I described above (with steps of asking for Forgiveness, Your repentance, Your Forgiveness to others, trying to truly give up Sins, to follow Commandments, etc…). But for shorter one, as maybe an alternative first step that comes to my mind for an atheist or even a believer in doubts - but again You do have to do it with the same sincerity and approach I described above, You of course do have to WANT it, from deep within Your soul and Your heart, sincerly, deeply, kindly, humbly, but strongly and without any mocking and stuff of what not to do that I described before – if You understand that, than do this (if You want of course, this decision is only up to You) – address directly to God (and/or Jesus) that You would please REALLY want Him to show You that He is real and that You would please REALLY want and need Him to help You in Your life. That You do WANT Him to fill Your heart and Your soul and do NEED His presence and help in Your life. You should also add that if He is truly real that You are willing to change to be a better person and will follow His will if He can help You (at least that You will try to follow His principles) after that. Mean this all as sincere and as true from Your core heart as possible, give it Your true Yourself and Your heart as much as possible, Your all (again, in a sincere and a polite way). I would recommend also all the steps that I described above, but I hope this will work out as well - as a first step at least. The next one will be up to God after that, at least in my opinion, be patient and truly dont try on purpose to do anything against Him or His principles in the meantime, he does know everything after all so there are absolutely no secrets that You could hide in Your mind, thoughts, heart or in what You do, at all - from Him. With that said, any faking of Your sincerity or faking that You truly want His help and presence in Your life is of little use. So be sincere and from the heart when You will address Him and then wait for His part. You may also try again if You feel that Your first time You addressed God somehow wasnt quite right on Your side (but You dont have to if it was right), or You may simply repeat if You feel like it (but You do not have to) - to show Him Your true dedication for feeling, knowing of His presence. You may also work on Your improving in the meantime, at least small steps at the time while You will be waiting for His move.

Sorry for maybe a little untidyness of the post, length, somewhere repeating – but it was just to emphasize some parts of what I wanted to say. Please, dont be discouraged by the negativity of others or Your own doubts and scepticism at the moment. I have been there too so trust me that I know what You may be thinking right now, all of it. But maybe try to let go of what You (dont) believe right now. These things are beyond what people generally consider possible and yet it is possible and real. Again, I am not saying I have all the answers, not at all, but this is not about decoding God – but about reconnecting with Him. This one is about You now and it is something that may change Your life for the better - if sincere and treated with respect. Do not give up, be patient and strong until God will unreveal to You His existence in some way. After that it will be between You and Him on what next - but at least that first step is necessary on Your part, not His. You may not want to do it right now, maybe things will align to You later and You will come back to this post in the future and see it differenty. Or maybe You feel like that even today or maybe tommorow. But again, like I said in the beginning - this post is not about forcing anyone to do or to believe in anything. It is about showing that there is a possibility. This is the message, but the rest is up to You. I wish You good luck.


are you cured ?

No, unfortunatelly not, but I am really just at the start of my journey in terms of discovering God. If anything in the sense of recovery will happen in the future then I will ofcourse make a proper testimony for everyone. So far I had totally unusual very strong emotions (truly out of ordinary with my condition), among some other things. I will keep You all posted when something major will occur in terms of curing


I am sorry to hear that He doesn’t answer You. This is something I cannot give You advice in because I know very little about how the Connection works for the Muslims. If there will be something in terms of cure for me occuring I will sure let You and everyone know. I wish You good luck and blessings

Great words afx. I’ve been trying to reconnect with God for a number of years- since the untimely passing of my mother. My sisters pastor, family and congregation prey for my healing (from another country): regularly.
i try to speak to God every night. My life has been destroyed by this drug. I still believe he will help but the scepticism that is indoctrinated into the western world has made it difficult for me to give myself to him 100% This is the hard part for me. I’ve tried to be a good person all of my life and have apologised when I’ve unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings. When I ask God what I need to do subconsciously I feel I should give away what I’ve we earned financially but my feeling of self preservation/greed stops me. There is a similar story in the Bible where a man asks Jesus how to gain eternal life and he tells him to give everything he owns to the poor.


I’d all but given up a few days ago but your post has filled me with hope and renewed my faith and the wanting to be a better person and to help others less fortunate. Thank you

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I am really sorry to hear about Your struggles. Only God knows why the life has to be so hard sometimes but never lose hope in prayer and hope in someday getting better. I know what You refer to with that specific Bible story. But I think that common possetions if You are not a selfish millionare have maybe nothing to do with anything in Your case. Maybe the answer to Your situation is to endure the struggles and try to live Your best despite the situation and make others comfortable and happy. Just my thought and I see now by Your reply that we think the same. I am glad that I lifted up Your hope. Keep Your head up all the time despite the struggles :slight_smile:


Thanks Afx, same back to you my freind.

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Lazarus, you dont need any intermediary. Just talk to God directly with full conviction. No one foot in, one foot out. Giving charity is a good thing and recommended, however no need to give everything you owe. Just give a x percentage, perhaps 2 - 3%?

Ask the Creator for forgiveness for all the mistakes you’ve made, the ones you are aware of as well as the ones you might have forgotten.

Ask him to diminish the hardship of this test, but not the reward…


what do you mean ???

I’ve deliberated about sharing this for a while here goes. Approximately 2 months ago I woke up at 2am and immediately started ruminating as normal. I subconsciously repeatedly asked God to help me. I try to open my heart to him but the severe anxiety suppresses the ability to do so. However this night/morning I actually felt open/ I gave myself to him. As soon as I felt this my body was overtaken by something I’ve never experienced in my life. I truly felt I was being healed I can only describe it like a force/electric current going through me then exiting via my shoulders and head. After a few minutes I started to question what was happening and even became afraid. It then stopped. I’ve unsuccessfully tried to restart this many times but believe not being in control has put a mental block in the way. I can state I was wide awake at the time and truly felt god was with me. I believe in him more than ever and I am not so worried about what will happen after this life. I continue to ask him for help every night. Please don’t mock me for posting this. Faith is a wonderful thing. To note I don’t feel any better as yet


I sure hope it was real
Hope the experience has helped you through this

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This morning, I was at the Supermarket with my mouth guard :mask: :mask: and all the protocol to follow, and I heard a loud bang and noises like a couple of things had broken.
Curiously I walked towards the sound and saw some people talking and looking back and pointing to the end of the hall.
I walked down that corridor, I saw that a young woman had hit a shelf with her cart and many things had fallen to the ground and therefore were broken. She was kneeling on the floor with maaaaal embarrassment, desperately trying to clean up.
I felt very sorry, to see that many were standing at her looking at her without doing anything to help her …
So I went and got down next to her and told her not to worry about her and started helping her pick up the broken things.
After a little while, the supermarket manager came to the place, he also crouched next to us and said to the young woman:

  • Stay calm, leave everything as it is, we are going to clean this up. "
    The red-faced young woman with great shame told him:
  • “I need to pay for all of this first.”
    The manager smiled, helped her to stand up, and said:
  • We have insurance for all this, you don’t have to pay anything "…

If you took the time to read it, I’d like you to give me a minute.
Wherever you are, close your eyes, and imagine God doing the same for you, picking up the pieces of your broken heart from all the blows that life has given you or perhaps from the bad decisions you made at a given moment. they have left you wounded …
It doesn’t matter, don’t worry because God will heal all your wounds. He wants to heal you!
He wants to take care of your soul!
We also have insurance before God and his name is GRACE! Which means unmerited favor.
¹Even though we don’t deserve it
Only his GRACE will sustain us!
:raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

If you got here, have faith that everything will be fine.

Please copy and paste …
Someone somewhere needs to read this.

I did it because he reminded me how He picked up each of my pieces and is rebuilding me.
The Lord bless you !!!
:pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :heart::heartpulse:


My sister sent me a sermon this morning and the crux of it was that what we say becomes the truth. So if we believe a and say we’re going to lose all of our masculinity, strength, sex drive, love of life, die etc it will happen. Even if you believe this will happen do not say it! The power of the word of the lord was passed on to mankind when he sacrificed his only son. So what we say becomes true. So no matter how you feel try not articulate the words. I tell the world how ill I am and how bad it will get on a daily basis which could be self fulfilling.
I for one will try even harder to push back the tide of pain and will repeatedly say by the stripes of Jesus I am healed.

Whether you believe or not it has to be better than the constant catastrophizung this brings. Don’t vocalise your thoughts of destruction.

Repeat these words and try to believe and feel you will heal, regardless it’s good for the soul.

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Hi @afx, @LazarusRy , how are you both doing on your journey with PFS, and god if I may ask? This disease opened me up to spirituality with some crazy experiences I’d never want to miss.