Coping: Music thread

I’m aware this kind of thread has been made in the past, but which songs/bands help you all cope?

I’m a big fan of Joy Division. Their their music has gotten me through some of darkest moments of PFS and life in general. Ian Curtis was suffering just like us, albeit for different reasons, but still I can relate to his music on a very deep level.


I’m a pianist, and this music speaks to me so much. I know most people nowadays aren’t used to music like this but this brings so much life to me.


Soundtracks like this. Actually this may be the opposite of coping, it is dark and melancholic. But i can find calmness and peace with sharing the pain. By the way, this tv show itself is the best show for PFS to cope. Very similar themes.

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In moments of pain
Where heart and mind collide
Self reflection helps me decide
I believe the sacrifices in life
Give more than they take

Visions flowing slowly shedding light
Memories swimming in the sea of time
Pieces to the puzzle falling into place
That with which we struggle through we’ve learned to embrace

Love show the way, alter my state of mind
Wash away the sorrow
Grace lead the way
When boundaries are found
Surrender to reason

Life gives you brighter days
Through sacrifices made
My spirit travels like the wind and waves
My heart and mind unite
Mistakes resolved give sight
The river’s currents slowly turns the stone

Restless angels
Help me find my way
Restless angels
Help me find my strength

Restless angels
Help me find my way
Restless angels
Let love show the way
Let grace be the way
Surrender to reason


I just can’t enjoy music anymore

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Hey @BeatingAllOdds , I just took a look at your member story, I think at the point of time you’re at with this, I didn’t feel much enthusiasm for a lot of things that I used to like a lot - video games, music, films.

What I’ve found is that at times I find I get really enthusiastic about something or other, and then less so later. I think this is all part of it and though you may not find enjoyment in music at the moment, with time you may feel more familiar attitudes to music and art coming back to you. Keep your chin up, don’t stress yourself out or try to force anything and give it time.


Always one I return to

This song hits me right in the feels.