Cool new drug in trials for ME/CFS


Interesting below because I believe for me a lot of this issues has to do with serotonin:


That’s extremely excited thanks for sharing, it sounds a lot like our condition but working on a different mechanisms, our receptors are stuck probably due to a genetic predisposition. What excited me was this part of the text.

“Cortene’s hope that a slow infusion of the drug will more or less permanently reset the stress response system in ME/CFS is untested as well, and Cortene is unaware of a drug that has produced the kind of system reset that they hope will occur.”

Maybe I’m reading that wrong but they hope to fix it permenantly from one infusion? If that’s so i guess anything is possible in regards to our condition.
I personally have never really been able to excersise, i usually vomit or feel very bad after it, everyone in my class when i was in school, even if they where triple my weight and more unfit, had more endurance, I never seemed to be able to run for more than a minute or two before feeling terrible, like a dryness in my chest that i couldn’t improve and the P.E. teachers used to get mad at me lol.
Maybe it’s related to PFS, could be from the SSRIs i was on over the year’s, hard to say but I’d definitely be up for trying this drug to see what happens, I’d personally love to be able to get into running if I could, would be very relaxing as I like looking at the world pass by.