Contacted by Swedish TV


Funny they should be so worried about a chance to learn more about their own drug’s negative effects… nice to see their intentions are pure.:unamused: It is documented that Propecia has destructive side-effects by Merck themselves! Yet they will rabidly contact a reporter whilst not saying a word to sufferers? Disgusting how they hide… their motives are $o clear.

BTW, pardon the delayed response; just noticed this. Unbelievable video though and many many thanks to snowking! He was great!


The video has been posted to YouTube.

Spread the word and link.


be interested to know how snowking is doing now


Hi all

Just wanted to post an update and say that I have been contacted by the same reporter regarding the story they did. In light of the findings of the Swedish MPA it looks like its time for a follow up.

She is specifically wanting to:

  1. Talk to the someone regarding the law suit in Canda (I have sent her the email address of the person who contacted me)

  2. To know if any highly regarded doctors have commented on this.

If you have any info that could help please let me have it.


This is fantastic news, Snowking!

Docs worthy of contacting: I will followup with you via PM.


Thanks Mew will send the PM to the reporter.

Will let you know when I hear anything.


When you search for “propecia” on Youtube, you get a sponsored link from Merck right at the top of the search results. It says:

“PROPECIA ® (finasteride) Learn About a Once-a-Day Pill Visit The Official Site.

BUT… when you search for “Propecia Side Effects”, the sponsored link changes to say:

“PROPECIA ® (finasteride) Visit The Official Site Get Important Product Information.”

This sponsored link has only recently shown up in the past few days. I find it very interesting that Merck is trying to persuade viewers to check to get “the facts” about their drug, with this link showing above a video about permanent sexual side effects from the same medication.

No doubt in my mind they are becoming aware of these issues and want to stem the tide through marketing.

EDIT: I notice if you keep clicking search using “propecia” or “propecia side effects”, it doesn’t matter… it will cycle through the banner ads with different statements. Still, the fact is this sponsored link was never visible until just recently, from my own experience.


Right, both searches yield the same ads.

Personally I don’t recall if I’ve seen that ad before, perhaps not. However, like I’ve always said, I am confident the company is conscious of this complaint and these issues, and that they are doing what they can to cleanse their position without actually revising their previous stances and go back on their (false and misleading) claims.

FYI, they added a poll they blast you with upon visiting, and it fishes for personal information about if you’ve used the drug and your rating of it, etc.



Just wanted to provide an update on this.

I have been in touch with the Swedish reporter regarding the followup story, after the recent findings by the Swedish MPA that permanent erectile dysfunction is now a possible outcome from Finasteride use.

Unfortunately, production of the news story has been postponed for the time being (other projects taking precedent). She still hopes to do the story in the future and will let us know when this might be, if it happens.

In preparation for this, and to hopefully speed things along, she requested having access to someone LIVING IN SWEDEN for an interview. This person may or may not (ie behind a screen) have to go on camera to share their story for the news segment.

Any members living in Sweden that are interested in participating in a news segment about permanent Finasteride side effects, please PM me and I will put you in touch with the reporter.



I just want to thank Mew for his great work. I saw the video on You tube and the right column with the cientifical explanation. Now the video is full of comments, most criticizing the drug. Well done man!! I wish i had half of your strengh and dedication after propecia so i could do more for this group.

The main newsmagazine in Brazil (called “VEJA”) did a story on how propecia is supposed to prevent prostate cancer, based on a new study. They don’t talk about permanent side effects. So i emailed them and told my story and gave the link to this forum. I hope they publish my letter on the readers comments section. I ll keep trying to draw attention to this over here.

Keep up the good work, God bless you, and thank you again


There has been an update on the Swedish TV piece – a new news article published August 10, 2009 with video segment:

YOUTUBE VERSION: … r_embedded

SWEDISH TV VERSION: … verkningar

– Can someone who speaks Swedish please translate the video?



August 10, 2009
Hair loss medicine may cause permanent erection problems

Now note that hair loss drugs Propecia can lead to permanent erection problems. This despite the fact that manufacturer Merck Sharp & Dome, MSD, long denied it.

Propecia is a prescription drug, marketed as a unique solution to the problem of male hereditary hair loss. Manufacturers writes on its website that ninety per cent of those who use Propecia may be the hair back.

MSD warns nevertheless that Propecia can have some effect on potency, but less than two percent have suffered side effects, according to MSD, however, stopped when they left with Propecia.

One of those who received permanent disability is Nicholas O’Neill, who in a story for over two years ago testified about side effects. He told me that he was impressed by the product results. But, after a time, problems accumulate. Nicholas became depressed, had hormone changes, began to develop breasts and became impotent.

Although the information did not cease the side effects when Nicholas stopped taking Propecia.

On the Internet there are several forums where people have been using Propecia discussing the problems they are experiencing. After the story was made, several people heard of the SVT. A Swedish saying that he feels cheated of a large part of his life.

Hard to criticize
According to the manufacturer uses around half million men around the world propecia. In the U.S., where most users are concerned about many doctors of the risks of permanent side effects. However, it is difficult to get doctors to openly criticize a powerful pharmaceutical companies. An American doctor wrote in an email to SVT that it is too risky to do it publicly.

Ulrik Kvist.
Ulrik Kvist, Chief of the Center for andrology and sexual medicine confirms the picture.

-“They can basically do whatever they want”, he says. Now Swedish researchers warn that the drug Propecia may also affect male fertility.

-The substance called finastirid affect sperm ability to fertilize and contribute to the development of normal embryos. At worst, children and grandchildren be affected by developmental disabilities, "says Ulrik Kvist.

After the SVT’s story, Läkemedelsverket began a review of Propecia, which led to MSD have to amend the text of the leaflet, so it is clear that the drug may cause lasting harm. In order to get the amendment, Läkemedelsverket first had to threaten MSD to suspend the authorization.

MSD has been invited to participate in the News, but declined this. The company writes, however, in a written comment that it has received reports that people who use Propecia suffered permanent impotence, after treatment but it is not possible to establish that it was caused by Propecia.

Here is Merck’s written response regarding Propecia.
Swedish original:

Statement by Merck Sharp & Dohme, current update in June 2008 of information to prescribers for PROPECIA

(finasteride, 1 mg) in the EU.

The following statement from Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), the updating of information for prescribers of PROPECIA (finasterid, 1mg) that occurred during June 2008.

After a thorough review of data from controlled clinical studies with PROPECIA and a careful evaluation of pharmacovigilance, of healthcare and the public, MSD remains entirely convinced of the good efficacy and safety profile for PROPECIA, a drug used by millions of men with male hair loss all over the world, since the approval of EU 1998. For MSD is the safety of our medicines and vaccines of the highest weight.

In June 2008 updated the information for prescribers of PROPECIA with respect to permanent erectile dysfunction after discontinuation of treatment with PROPECIA, which was based on reports received after the product approval. This update also related to patient information in leaflet and in patient FASS. The update was done in connection within the European Union (EU) standardized the process for renewal approval (2008).

In three 12-month placebo-controlled studies with PROPECIA, was drug-related sexual side effects of 3.8% in the finasteride-treated group of men compared with 2.1% in the placebo group. Approximately 1% of men in each treatment group completed the study because of these side effects.

Of these studies, which lasted for 5 years, reduced the incidence of these effects to 0.6% in the finasteride treated group men during the fifth year. Following the approval of PROPECIA has received reports of erectile dysfunction, which has been made after the end of treatment with PROPECIA.

A side effect has been reported after approval does not mean that you can establish that this was caused by PROPECIA. Generally, events after approval is caused by underlying disease, genetic variation, other concomitant medication or events that can occur spontaneously in a population.

After a careful examination of data from controlled clinical studies with PROPECIA and a careful evaluation of pharmacovigilance coming in after the drug approved, Merck is confident that these data support continued use of PROPECIA to appropriate patients with male hair loss.

Patients with male hair loss should speak with their doctor if they have questions regarding benefits and risks of PROPECIA. Information is also available in

Patients should not stop treatment without first discussing this with his doctor.

PROPECIA (finasterid 1 mg, MSD) is indicated for the treatment of early stages of androgent hair loss in men. PROPECIA is contraindicated for use of women because of risks as they are or may potentially be pregnant. PROPECIA if given to a woman carrying a fetus of the male sex, inhibit development of fetal external genitalia. Broken or split tablets should not be handled by women who are or might become pregnant because of possible absorption of finasteride. PROPECIA tablets are film coated to prevent contact with the active ingredient during normal handling, provided they are not broken or crushed.

PROPECIA is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to finasteride or to any of the excipients.


Glad for the help by this news group to report on this, it’s obviously very effective.

That line of information echoes the findings of studies like this, which explains that finasteride significantly inhibits spermatogenesis and causes all sorts of deformities with cellular function there-in.

They had to threaten this company just to concede to a truth. Period.

And, Merck’s “response”…

When the affected consists of men solely affected by this drug and previously healthy, that statement shrinks down to it’s true form - a cover statement to play the deniability card.

Gardasil…Vioxx…Propecia… yeah I know, safety pros.

Assuming approval means “use”, that’s yet another defensive blanket statement. What genetic or physiological guidelines did they set before approving use in patients? See, if they are the “safety experts” they like to proclaim they are, that’s their responsibility to determine. The notion that they allow people to remain permanently ill from of their drug, all the while blaming their genetic make-up (which as we all know, we were entirely healthy before use), is escapist and irresponsible.

It’s easy to say “anomaly”, but when you begin to seriously TAMPER with the endocrine system, any endo with a sense of reason realizes things can turn south. It’s like making a relief pitcher go a full game back to back, then blame his sore arm on him.

Again, according to them we’re still appropriate, because they have changed NOTHING about what appropriate means.


Merks respomse to this is very frustrating.
I think the S#$& will hit the fan for finasteride one day for sure. There will be new people taking finasteride everyday, hence there will be new people with permanent hormone and reprodutive problems.

Soon it will be obvious what is going on because the numbers will keep growing.

Until then, it’s too bad that it’s too late for us. And it’s unfortunate for the future victims of this drug.

I wonder if we’ll get compensated for all this. Why can’t we sue these guys? There’s obviously enough victims and research. Has anybody tried?

Let set up a group law action suite right now and go to the medias if we have to. a class action lawsuite from 1300 people will not go unnoticed. Plus i’m sure there will be many others joining the group.

Since the people responsible are denying that there is a problem and refuse to help; we need to stop being a bunch of pu$$%&S and feeling sorry for ourselves and stand up against up for whats right.

I wonder if there’s any good lawyers on this site suffering from permanent sides.


Nice post…

Merck as we know is unethical…They only have one mission, increase shareholder value…They ignore safety aspects of their drugs, and manipulate data for their own gain.

Secondly, the company will only do something if this # gets up to 10,000+ like vioxx, even so they will wait until the patent expires on that drug. Then, it wouldn’t affect the value of their stock as much.


I’ll join a class action lawsuit.


when does the patent expire?
and if it is permanent theres no money in the world that can repay


Generic versions
Merck’s patent on finasteride (for the treatment of BPH) expired on June 19, 2006.[24] Merck was awarded a separate patent for the use of finasteride to treat male pattern baldness. This patent is set to expire in November 2013.[25]

Several companies outside the US currently manufacture generic finasteride:

Ajanta Pharma (trade name Appecia)
Aleppo Pharmaceutical (trade name Prosteride)
Cipla (trade names Fincar and Finpecia)
Dr. Reddy’s (trade names Finax and Finast),
Intas Pharmaceuticals (trade name Finalo)
Ranbaxy (trade name Finara)

November 2013 it expires for the use of male pattern baldness.

How many more men will have to suffer cause of this?

I would like to be part of a class action lawsuit…3pm any word on that in the US?


If anything initiates in the US, I think I’m better left as among the class than the one who starts it. Its not for lack of trying; my case is just clouded by misdiagnoses. As of now, cornering Merck for permanent fin sides in the US is something that needs to socially congregate yet. We need a compotent network of common victims to orchestrate rather than blog, and I am swamped with work and limited net access, so I think we need more guys to get real here.


VIDEO update for … 4529#14529

Swedish TV news UPDATE - Permanent erectile dysfunction now official in Europe

Thanks to troubledfinuser2 for the translation.


how frustrating it is to read Merck’s statement, knowing full well they know what’s going on, and to see them continue to get away with it. However I have to agree, how can we prove that our issues were caused by fin? We know it’s the case, but how to prove this? Unless we have overwhelming numbers beating down Merck’s door…

I’ve talked to a couple of law firms about this and they were not interested (i.e. they thought no chance of winning).

Either we have to do something drastic to catch attention or continue on our current path…unless someone else has an idea?