Contact enquiry: is anyone in touch with depressedguy?

Hey guys sorry I had to make a post asking about this but does anyone know if its possible to contact Depressedguy? I know he left this forum last year but he’s the closest person i can find with basically the exact same symthoms as me, I don’t know anyone else with hyper elastic skin and visual problems who has them together as side effects. I would love to have a chat with him if at all possible so i thought I’d ask.


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What about that guy that was on Ripley’s Believe it or not? :sun_with_face:

I’m not sure how your reply helps Devolution with his request in seeking help in contacting Depressedguy (his name in itself should tell you how this has effected him). I like to think that I appreciate humour, but I don’t feel that this is a subject to joke about, especially when it appears at the expense of another member of the forum. It’s always good to find ways to amuse ourselves, but this just feels unnecessary and cruel. Remember that despite the differences in severity and range of symptoms, we hopefully should all be in this together, and that includes adhering to the forum’s guidelines.


The word depressed is thrown around too easily these days mostly by young adults. Those who like to say “I’m so depressed” over small disappointments wouldn’t last a week in the life of a person suffering from depression.

Actually it only tells me he was uncreative while typing in a username and he is self-centered, oblivious to the fact that it would drain others energy.

I understand entirely your point about depression, but that argument about people saying that they’re depressed when they are having a pretty normal bad day shouldn’t be shoehorned into a criticism of a fellow member’s choice of name when firstly you don’t know how this has effected him (you can’t presume to get into someone else’s head and make such judgements, especially in a forum where men have been thrown some pretty devastating sides, including those that directly affect brain chemistry), and secondly this attack in absentia when another member has expressed concern for him. I just feel that it’s a bad call to criticise him over his choice of user name. I suspect that most people don’t spend that long deliberating over what to call themselves and just want access, and that any name picked will be a snap shot of how they are feeling when they are probably at their most desperate.

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Hi scotsman.
Im depressedguy, i couldnt remember my old accounts password and couldnt receive an email when i click i forgot my password button.
Anyway, im still suffering PFS. I can say im %20 better. I Just get used to it. My new life. Sorry to say these dissapointing words. But its reality.


Hi there @Depressedguyy

It’s good to hear from you, despite everything. I’ll tag @Devolution to let him know that he’s able to contact you.

Im still alive i guess. Im %40 better after 10 years. I dont use any drugs or protocol.


So a true legend is back and would love to hear what your experience has been like over the past few years

40% is actually not that bad. Would you describing whats improved?


Tinnitus, flat emotions, sensivity to Light and night vision problems, erectile dysfunctions have remained…

Depression gone, sleep problems gone, brain fog gone, muscle atrophy %40 better. Skin problems sometimes good sometimes bad.

I dont use any drugs or treatment protocol, its just get better over time… I miss old me anyway.