Consulting a psychologist

Have you ever consulted a psychologist concerning your PAS/PFS/PSSD/whatever else syndrom? If so, what was recommended you? Was it worth doing?

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Going to a psychologist kept me sane in a very stressful period.

They didn’t know anything specifically about pfs, but they helped with the grief/guilt, and to navigate life problems/decisions. The latter could be helpful for very anhedonic people, who might lack the sense for what is “the right thing” to do.


Thank you for sharing your experience.
I started thinking of psychological help because now I am not sure I have enough strength to accept the idea I won’t recover any time soon. It has already disrupted my close plans but with all this covid shit on the background it was much easier to accept for me. I understand what would be “the right thing” for me to do in any outcome. But it would be just to tough in the beginning.
And I haven’t even told my parents yet.

Over time, I’ve gotten more open to “self-care” that I know is not meant as an attempt to “cure” myself. It just makes life a little more bearable.

Getting support from your parents would probably help your situation a bit, but it can be tricky.

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Honestly, I don’t want them to know. I still naively think I’ll somehow handle the situation untill it would be obvious something is wrong with me.

I still have lots of things to enjoy in life but if I won’t recover many more things in my life will be completely pointless.

I know where you’re coming from (been there myself), but at the same time… If it was any other disease that was even remotely as serious as PFS, you would probably tell them, right?

Probably, I would. Having thouroghly evaluated the situation in advance and presenting it in the most optimistical way, I guess. But the disease is smth that happens to you accidentally. With this shit it’s different. My parents warned me, they were afraid of such potent drug. But I just wanted to have clear skin and live a normal life so much I didn’t stop even when I was suspecting smth wrong was going on.

Dr Brandon Schneider of Wave Psychiatry in Los Angeles is aware of PFS…when this all first hit he was the only one that believed me.

It was such a dark time for me in the early days and when I saw him it was such a light and a source of hope each week. I can’t explain it, I just felt it and it was positive.

Anyhow I can recommend him if you are in Los Angeles area….

I’ve been to several therapists and I can very much confirm what M_C said in his first reply.

It helps in many ways. Mostly it can help turn an amorphous cloud of worries and troubles into a more clear picture of your blockades and needs, and then you can act more concretely and effectively on those needs.

Personally, I got myself a coach after I finished therapy. Because therapy only lasted so many sessions and I still have a bit of work to do. It really helps to have some regular guidance or check-ups when you’re making changes to your life.

I’m in a way better place than where I was before therapy and coaching, that’s for sure.

But they will not be able to do much concerning PFS/PAS/etc. So keep your expectations very low in that regard.

@Forwardsnotbackwards & @Wintermoon,
Thank you guys!

Unfortunately, I’m very far from LA right now.
And somehow I’m slowly managing to shape a clear picture and get rid of some unnecessary troubles. I think I’m even close to the stage of acceptance. It’s much easier with age, I guess. I’d be utterly down if it happened to me in my teens. Still, it’s so hard to get used to the fact I’m now crippled in one of the most important aspects and all my dreams for the coming year are nothing but ruins.