Considering shrooms micro-dose

Obviously, mushrooms aren’t the cure for this. But I’m desperately looking for SOME relief for mental sides and the crippling depression that comes with the loss of one’s sexuality. There’s a few threads on this topic but they’re pretty old. Since then, has anyone had any experience with shrooms whether it’s microdosing or tripping? Have they helped you?

NO do not do that man. My friend with PSSD did shrooms and it made her much worse. Russian roulette.


Dude just time. Give It time and healthy habits, dont play with SUPPLEMENTS or remedies. Please take care of yourself, i know there are difficult days, that why u need strength to do no act dessesperately.


I mean - I don’t listen to anyone who tells me “No.” I do my own due diligence, and go from there.
With that being said, personally for me, I tried micro dosing for a month (psilocybin) and it did absolutely nothing for my mental sides. But it did not make me worse in anyway shape or form.

However, I did take a hero dose once, and it brought my emotions online 100% and faded back down. So clearly there’s something to be had/looked into on it’s effects.

You could be “healthy” and a supplement or drug could harm you in someway. So if XYZ hurts someone, it could of done the same thing, outside of PFS…

Just my two cents.

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The brother of a neighbor picked phalloides shrooms by mistake. He suffered kidney and liver failure and was put on a transplant waiting list. Weeks later, he bounced back as if nothing ever happened, now totally healthy today. Me, I unknowingly tasted one, chewed it up, became scared, and spit it out. Nothing happened to me. Remarkably, it was the most delicious mushroom I ever tasted, even better than cordyceps, reishi, turkey-tail, shittake, button, portobello, and lion’s mane mushrooms.

He is probably more resistant to those mushrooms now, similar to snake milkers who become resistant to venom. I doubt we are more resistant to the substance that brought us here. Likely the opposite, more vulnerable. What “doesn’t kill” is supposed to “make us stronger”, but in this scenario makes us weaker. So messed up that is.

Mastering wild mushrooms is much more difficult than mastering wild berries and etc. Not to downplay the misfortune of those who died by mushrooms, but I often think I would have been better off taking my chances with random mushrooms than saw-p berries. Not that I can ask them, but those dispatched by mushrooms would likely say the opposite, that they would have rather rolled the dice with saw-p/fin/iso, etc.

Sorry if I don’t have the answer you were looking for.

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I micro-dose all the time. It can be very helpful for mood and libido, but is very inconsistent. Definitely need to take tolerance breaks and try to get an even mix of stems and caps if you decide to try