Connecting the dots

Dr. Mulhall’s name is conveniently removed from Hims’ site yet Dr. Stahl gloats about his training under this world-renowned expert on Columbia’s site. As you can see it’s written almost verbatim on both sites, minus some crucial information.
No coincidence since Dr. Mulhall warns about the permanent dangers of androgen deprivation as far back as 2016 which was before Hims was even founded.
I guess you have to learn the rules to know how to break them.

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When did you see that Mulhall’s name was listed on the Hims website? That dude was a PFS denier and even served as a expert on behalf of Merck in the Propecia litigation around 2016 or so. I don’t see him on the WayBackMachine archive but it only goes back to April 2020.

Oh, I also came across this recently,

Dr. Mulhall’s name and or connection to Dr. Stahl isn’t stated anywhere in Hims’ site every so conveniently. I connected the dots when I did some research on Dr. Stahl through Columbia’s website which says almost verbatim what Hims’ site says. Only Hims doesn’t state Dr Mulhall’s name but Columbia’s site does.
Once I pointed that out to Hims/Bailey Health, they updated their terms and conditions and refused to provide me with the terms and conditions prior to their rather immediate update. What a bunch of frauds.
Dr. Mulhall probably went through hell for Merck and lied. Seems he may have had a change of heart around 2016 when came out with the article I posted.
When I contacted Dr. Mulhall, his team said he does meet with patients experiencing PFS. However, when I divulged my experience with Hims through my medical record with Memorial Sloan Kettering, I received a phone call from one of his nurses saying that he suggests I meet with someone in my local area. Shady.