Confirmation of ultrasound

I showed some papers to some urologists and scientists and confirmed the damage to the penis.

Coloring the changes, the damage is even more evident.

Left 16-6-2018 (Healthy) — Right 10-10-2018 (PFS)!


I want to write on paper the structural change of the corpora cavernosa and apopostosis of the penis.
I will get a diagnosis from Michele Bertolotto, who is a radiologist for our cause.
It was recommended to me by Urologist Rachel Rubin. I will update.


What about the possible treatments like shockwave therapy?
Did you read about it?

Is good to present your problem like the worst and see doctors thst says so, but also to look for possible treatments


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I have not tried @Tomas, but the PED-5 inhibitors do not work.
Not even the Vacuum Device. My penis is like he’s dead. :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:

So, appart from showing your problem and visiting so many doctors to confirm you have a problem, please see this threath and buy a device, it can be even more cheap then going to 5 diferent doctors.


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I think it’s useless for me…

Ok, very well. So you are right, maybe is better to keep visiting more doctors in order to confirm the problem everybody in this forum know thst you have, instead of trying to solve it with a non-invasive treatment with no side effects.

Absolutelly right.

You may not have understood that I have severe damage to the penis. Many of you can still have sex or masturbate, but many of us don’t. Do you really think shockwaves are any help to me when PED-5, Vacuum Device inhibitors don’t work? The shockwaves besides being definitely ineffective to me, cost a lot, you pay me? :smiley::smiley::smiley: Yes, my priority now is to get a diagnosis from a doctor who knows about PFS. There are no treatments for me. I need to get recognition to have the syndrome recognized by the drug authority, this is important. Yes, I absolutely right. :grin::grin::grin:

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How did you find these doctors?

yeah, honestly, I’m not sure how much shockwave therapy would help you if you have that much damage. but then again, you don’t have many better options. I still would like to see more people with the means getting these devices so we have a better idea of how well these work. I will say that 100% the combination of PDE5’s and shockwave therapy gives me some of the strongest boners in my life. maybe shockwave will give you the push to make pde5’s effective? there’s studies on the synergistic effect of the 2 combined.

I don’t want to get your hopes up but i’m shocked (lol) that so few people have tried this option when getting your own device is relatively affordable and effective compared to conventional treatments.

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Good explanation.

Good work Damon, let us know how the further appointment goes.


You know that a real device costs about 3-4grand minimum? I doubt that he wants to spend that much for a treatment which is not really proven. He doesn’t even have plaques just apoptosis. I don’t know whether it is really hopeful in that regard.

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Nah they sell for 1k if you get off brand. Theres several well done studies on them. I’m not saying shockwave is going to cure anyone, but simply that it is literally one of the best options people have for sexual sides as far as research, risk and effectiveness go. What else is there besides pumps and pde5s??

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My question is still did the doctor made the echo/doppler with or without a prior injection to your penis?