Complete The Survey From Today - I Will DRAW You in MSPaint


That’s right everyone. If you complete the survey from today I will, based solely on your username and some posts and whatever nitrogen bubble is floating around inside my fogged-up brain DRAW you in MSPaint.

So, if you would like to see what someone off the internet thinks you look like just finish that now, post in this thread and I’ll get drawing! Work’s overrated anyway. :slight_smile:

Apologies to everyone who’s filled it in already because, of course, now you’ll never know what you look like. :frowning:


Can I delete my survey and do it once again today :grin:?

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Hahaha! I’m afraid not, you’ve missed out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Maybe next survey. :+1:

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or next incurable disease lmao


I nominate this for the “post of the year” award.


Hmm. Wonder if a person could make a living doing MS Paint caricatures?

Good one @jinstewart !

We also have an MS Paint graphic designer in the house: Do you have this dent? (With Drawing Illsutrate) (NSFW)


It’s really interesting to make a joke out of some health issue of a person.
I have a weird dent line on my penis (which probably related to my hourglass penis problem) and i was trying to collect more data if someone else experienced this or not.
It is a funny thing to draw that painting, but i didn’t have any other choice. Verbal explanations can confuse many people especially when the writer using a second language of his.

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Very sorry Cooper. It wasn’t meant as a personal jab at you, only an observation that we had a reference to MS Paint and the first MS Paint decpiction of a symptom, probably in the history of this site, appear in the same 24 hour period. It was actually a pretty decent way to convey something that isn’t easily explainable.

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It would be funny to get some images in here.


Lol, it’s probably going to be at least forty times shitter than you imagine it’ll be! If you can make a living from doing art in MSPaint then I definitely couldn’t.

This also hasn’t brought about the unstoppable run on the survey I was angling for. I may just draw someone as a sweetener, that’ll bring the punters in! :+1:

EDIT - I drew @Cooper so admins better brace themselves for a run on that survey now.

Cooper in this picture you’re shooting at some finasteride off the edge of it but I didn’t save that one. It also took me longer than I’d want to admit to draw this. :pleading_face:


Wow, wonder what would happen if you’d get your hands on Photoshop :wink:


I’m fairly sure that’s a photograph of a Rembrandt hanging in a gallery. Come on @jinstewart, if you’re going to post art, at least make it your own.