Competitive Videogames


I highly encourage getting into competitive video games. It forces you take your mind off your problems and encourages you to use your brain for problem solving. Kina helps with mental fog.

Its fun…I do it and it helps. Not sure if this is coping for therapeutic



Gaming is a good escape for me as well. Agree with the competitive games but I also enjoy single player games where I can just zone out and forget life for a bit



Anyone play COD or FIFA for Xbox :blush:?



Don’t have either, mainly play apex legends and nba 2k19



Recently got a Nintendo Switch… I’ve been going haaaam on Super Smash Bros and Legend of Zelda! They’re stupid fun.



Been playing metro exodus and hitman 2 recently



Check this out!

“AR gene/ protein expression increased in mice that won contests in their home cages.”

That’s it, I’m getting back into Halo 3 and going to do MMA .

On a more serious note, video games definitely help as they are fun and take your mind off of other stuff.

Some good games I’ve played recently:


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I understand we’re breaking the bank with drugs and supps.

Fortnite and Apex Legends are free to download

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SNES classic was the best $80 I ever spent



I used to play csgo and dota 2 a lot. I agree it’s very good for us not just for escape but for that feeling of winning something
now fortnite, apex legens and pubg and much better, also the new call of duty

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Well if anyone wants to add me on PlayStation or Xbox feel free to pm me for my gamertag. Think it would be fun to play with some of y’all and shoot the shit

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I used to be a big gamer but my anhedonia is too strong to enjoy it. So PFS killed gaming for me.

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I’m somewhat the same. I think aside from our PFS problems as you age and more responsibilities come into your life it’s harder to enjoy games as well



Yeah i play BF3 everyday for that. Weird thing, i sometimes get tingles down in my pelvic floor while enjoying the game! Feels somewhat good. Lmao. It can be something about dopamine release or what? I do remember my old child days, i would get a random boner while playing Skate 3. Ahh that days, i miss so much. Zero worries, healthy body.



wow BF3 is great game imo much better than bf4 and bf1… when it was released I remember playing all day long not leaving house for days lol
I recommend csgo competitive mode or fortnite for anybody who miss adrenalin rush from competing the feeling is priceless makes you forget about pfs at times
or even better dota 2 which has the biggest prize pool in history of competitive gaming. you can become pretty rich if you get good at it. Prize pool at last International was 25.5 million :smiley:



Earthbound - what a game!



I like this thread! Video games are the only thing that distracts me from this horrendous situation.

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