Colloidal silver (placebo proponents, here's your chance)

Here’s an anecdotal story. It’s related to pfs because there’s a disease going around right now and ppl with preexisting conditions are more at risk. I don’t know if it applies to pfs but some may find this post interesting nonetheless.

My wife and I have had sore, dry throats with mucus at the very bottom for about 20 days.
Unrelated, I also have been having fungus eruptions whenever I would drink milk for the last 30 years. I treat those with ketoconazole cream and shampoos. (yes, I know, it’s 5ari).

So, I’m doing my researches as usual but I shifted from repairing epigenetic damage to how to cure viral pneumonia (try to guess why?).

I found that zinc ions are having an effect on the current circulating viral bug (the one with spikes). Being curious, I’m researching which other metals are both killing viruses and non damaging to human cells. I get iodine and silver (although iodine is an halogen, not a metal).
Both have factual researches on how they can kill bacteria. But can they kill fungi and viruses ?

I read Zinc, along with hydroxychloroquine phosphate (or simply chloroquine) and azithromycin (an antibiotic) enable the zinc to enter the spiked viral bug and then the zinc attaches itself to the RNA of the bug and disable it’s ability to copy itself. This is now the official US and Chinese treatment for the bug. Other countries will follow.

Iodine apparently kill all bacteria, fungi and viruses. It also makes people sick in no so large doses and kills them in moderately large dose. Might be destabilizing for ppl with pfs. Nonetheless, it’s effective.

There a research done in test tubes showing HIV viruses being deactivated by silver ions and unable to bond with human cells, their binding proteins clogged with silver. No peer review. Apparently no pharmaceuticals can patent any of this, silver is an element so it’s in the public domain. No money to make, no funds goes to research.
Vendors of colloidal silver claim it kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. Should I believe that ? Let’s test it.
Apparently, unless you make by yourself a supercharged, super concentrated version of it (like 100000 PPM, 1 gallon) and drink it all in one shot, the only side effect of colloidal silver is you can permanently turn blue. That’s if you take, say, 300 ml of 50PPM solution a day for 25 years. It seems to be the only side effect, but there might be more I don’t know.

So I get myself 2 bottles of colloidal silver at 25 PPM and 15 PPM, along with a nebulizer, which is a medical device that allows to breath a medication by turning it into a mist and inhaling it.
I nebulized 3 ml of the 15PPM solution once and took 4 ml of the 25PPM solution everyday for for a week. Results: the dry throat with mucus is gone along with an unsuspected side effect: I’ve been drinking milk for over a month and suddenly I don’t get fungi eruptions anymore. The results were quite fast, for the throat I could noticeably feel it getting better over the course of 1 hour. However, it would return the next day with milder symptoms. I guess if I stop, the throat will get sore and dry and fungus will reappear but I haven’t done that so I don’t know. Now the throat is fine and I continue to take 4 ml of a 10PPM colloidal silver solution per day as prevention. I read somewhere that 1 PPM in water usually makes the water bacteria free. Don’t know if it’s true. Similar doses of iodine also make water bacteria free (and of course chlorine, but would you take some as a supplement?)

At the same time, my wife, not believing in what appears to be snake oil medicine (and I agree that’s what it looks like) refuses to take any and got worst over the last week. We’re now seeking medical help for her and tomorrow will test her for the bug.

So what do you make of this anecdote ? Is it a placebo, a coincidence or could there be some truth, maybe just a little, to the claims of the vendors ?
If you make a youtube search, you will find countless testimonies with lots of anecdotal, before and after, stories.

Facts: before 1950, colloidal silver and ionized silver has been on the first line for the doctors to use against bacteria, fungus and viruses. Grandma’s remedies judging from the timeline. It’s been used for over 3500 years, dating back to the Greeks, although they didn’t ionized it, they just used silver containers, spoons, forks and knifes to prevent bacteria (hence the expression being fed with a silver spoon).
It went out of use when pharmaceuticals introduced antibiotics, anti-fungus and vaccines but silver is gaining popularity in hospital again today for its anti-bacterial properties, in bandages for example.

So I don’t know. Is it a placebo effect ? In my particular case I don’t care. I can now drink milk without having to use ketoconazole which is bad for pfs, plus my throat is fine.

What do you think?

Please share your comments, positive or negative. I’d like to hear from both sides.


Just heard a fascinating interview on Corona Virus by Stephen Molyneux. Listen to the doctor’s comments on nano / colloidal silver at the 55:00 mark. Can I ask which brand of silver you are using?

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Indeed. Glad to hear the US military are also using it.

I bit my cheek yesterday, took 4ml of 10PPM colloidal silver before sleep and this morning it’s 80% healed.
I didn’t mention it, but it is claimed to heal wounds faster (as this doctor says)

I’m in Thailand so my options are limited. I bought 15PPM CS from Omega, Hydro Health, available here.

From Amazon, I bought from Innovative Natural Products 2000PPM CS so I can dilute it to the desired concentration (in glass bottles). I made 10PPM as a maintenance dose, and 25 PPM as a treatment dose to take multiple times a day. I use the 15PPM Omega, Hydro Health CS in the nebulizer as I don’t have to dilute it in potentially impure water.
They’re all nano silver ranging from 5nm to 17nm, the ideal size being 10nm.

I will also take some very diluted iodine supplement as it promotes the thyroid and also kill pathogens.
I’ll check the recommended concentration before I dilute some in saline and nebulize it to my lungs should I require it. I’m not suggesting any one do that, but you can search it and see what others are doing.

Good luck !

I get ear infections quit easily. Anytime I feel one coming on I do eardrops of CS and it immediately fixes the ears.

A few years ago I was taking it internally as part of an overall pathogen cleanse. I definitely had benefits but its hard to say how much the CS helped vs all the other compounds.

I do also gargle it sometimes when I am feeling a sore throat come on and it seems to always help.

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I’m not getting involved in any debate but just thought I’d post this for anyone wishing to discuss it

Thank you for bringing the other side of the medal.

That’s an article in a magazine. We can find everything on the internet can’t we ? I bet I can find blueberries cure cancer… or cause cancer !

Here’s one about colloidal silver and HIV: (and it’s a science paper, not an article)

But there’s one thing I will always agree. Alternate medicine are not a replacement for actual medicine. If anyone is sick, a doctor is the first option.

When the doctors can’t do anything, say for pfs, that’s when I choose to be creative. But that’s me, I don’t mean ppl should do the same.

In a similar way, Chloroquine (phosphate or sulfate, or hydroxychloroquine) has not been approve by the FDA to cure the Wuhan Virus.

Yet, in another science paper:

By the way, 0.1μM chloroquine means a molar concentration of 0.1 micro-mole of chloroquine per liter. Chloroquine having a molar mass of 319.872 g for 6.022 x10E23 molecules, I calculated that 0.032mg/kg used as a prophylactic should slow down by 50% the SARS coronavirus. So for someone weighting 70 kg, that would be 2.24 mg of chloroquine. It’s sold in 200mg pills, has side effects which is why I went to the amazonian jungle without taking any. But at 2.24mg, no side effects. (That’s what I do in quarantine. I rehearse my chemistry lessons. Ha ha ! Have to keep morale right ?)

Favipiravir didn’t get FDA approved either. Look it up (use duckduckgo. Google is bias) nor is Azithromycin (oh my, ain’t that an antibiotic, antibiotics don’t work for viruses. Right?)

How about Zinc ? Just a simple metal. What duckduckgo says about zinc and SARS-CoV-2 ? Well it says zinc does nothing by itself because it can’t reach the virus’s RNA.
Alright. That’s a blooper. You need to add an Ionophore to do that. But wait ! You can use a nutritional supplement called Quercetin which is an Ionophore and would let zinc ions into the virus and inhibit viral replication ! And Chloroquine is also an Ionophore ! Are we getting somewhere ?

I should have stayed in science instead of switching to jewelry. I admit, I got greedy. Plus I like red hot molten metals !

I can understand Trump’s frustration. FDA won’t let him say we’ve got a cure for SARS-CoV-2 (that’s the Wuhan virus by the way. China really had to work hard on the WHO to NOT get the place of origin giving the name to the virus, like we usually do. Example: Ebola is a river in Africa where they first discovered the homonimous virus. I guess Africa does not have enough money to lobby its name out of that virus. China does. That’s why I believe it took the WHO so long before giving it a name. In my opinion, the WHO is compromised. But that’s just me. I’m a bit of a freak.)

Anyway. I’m bored. This quarantine thing is boooooooring.