Cold turkey is ok?


Hi, im 1 week quit off finasteride, i quit off this drug cold turkey since i noticed depressive symptom only since i quit off my mood seems to improve this week but today i was with a bit more low mood. My question is if its fine quiting off cold turkey or should i tapper off.i have no sexual or cognitive symptoms just this low mood that comes and goes i take finasteride for 3 weeks only. Im scared of the crash. Right now im doin fine but it scares me the next week and so.should i take it again and tapper off or is it cold turkey a good option?



I think it’s too late for you to taper now.

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Yeah I wouldn’t touch it again your risking some serious side effects if you do, on the flip side you only have the mental sides which may get better with time, are you experiencing any brian fog? Aside depression how is your mental clarity?



But do you think cold turkey is a better option or is it more risky than taper of? What do you think that would happen, am i going to crash?



Nope just slightly depression and maybe but just a little more watery eyaculate but nothing very apreciable but cognitive im fine in fact overall it isnt too bad now but im scared of the crash,what do you think?



Also this thing called crash is not so common no? I read that only a few feel it and its more typical when you already have some physical symptom or when you are taking this drug for more time than me. Am i wrong?



It’s somewhat irrelevant to you now since after this amount of time you would now be restarting, not tapering.



Ok, but what do you think that would happen