Cold Showers

Hey guys,

For the last six days, I’ve been taking cold showers only. Yes, at first it was difficult, but now my shower doesn’t get cold enough. It improves my mood, gives me an energy boost (forces the body into a thermogenic state, i.e. adrenal and thyroid activation), improves circulation, and it’s a lot cheaper too :stuck_out_tongue: (not that I’m worried about the money). You can find numerous links extolling the health benefits of cold showers on the internet.

Anyone with the “balls” to eschew the luxury of a hot, steamy shower everyday, give it a try! And report back!


Chi has always been a big proponent of the cold showers. I used to take them fairly often. I should start doing so again daily.

They are much more tolerable and feel better just after a run/sprints, IME.

Once I got used to them I actually preferred them to hot showers, except when I felt like I needed to relax. Then I’d take a hot one.

Cold showers increase Glutathione.

I’ve been taking these to beat the heat lately, and I agree they provide benefits. I also agree with Second Amendment that they are more tolerable, and actually feel refreshing, after sweating a little bit. Since I don’t have access to a gym right now, I’ve been doing the NY times Scientific 7-minute workout before my showers. I recommend it!

Here’s a very helpful video to anyone who has a hard time taking cold showers. Cold showers are one of the only things that temporarily eases my anxiety and “snaps me out of it”, even if just for a few seconds. Troy Casey here shows a great way to provide a method to use, so that it becomes a little less of an obstacle to tackle.

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Cool video, thanks for the link.

Well, we aren’t going to cure PFS or PAS or PSSD from this. After all, studies have shown that Accutane de-regulates 784 different lines of genes.

But if it boosts your energy - build them into your day. (They’re not an easy habit to sustain in winter!) If you can stack in some exercise, relaxation techniques and a healthy diet - you can feel better, and that will make it easier to keep going. That’s important when people are suffering heavily, like they are here.

Ultimately, we need people on our site to be as well as they can be, whilst dealing with this syndrome. Otherwise we will lose valued volunteers and contributors - and we need everyone we can get.

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That’s very interesting about the Accutane. Is there any literature similar on Finasteride??

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I’ve done cold shower for a month,but I don’t feel much better…
It’s surely good for temporary comfort,so I gonna last it.

For people with cognitive impairment from finasteride, do cold showers help or harm you?

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Bumping this, anyone else has had positive experiences with cold showers?

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They made me crash when my baseline was much better. Mini crash I should say, that went away the next day, but I would feel great initially for a couple of hours then fatigue would set in later on when fatigue wasn’t an issue for me. Other people say they help so maybe try and see how you react.

Cold showers have been great for me too. The main side effect I still experience is complete loss of libido and on the days I have a cold shower it seems to improve (sometimes by quite a bit!)

Cold showers are linked to increasing Dopamine levels which have been reported to be decreased in PFS sufferers

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I prefer taking cold baths. It helps me to decrease my limbic friction and has a positive effect on the mood. But I don’t see any influence on my PAS.